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‘Three Egyptians arrested in Ethiopia on charges of spying,’ Elaph (London), 10 May 2014

Ethiopian authorities have arrested three Egyptians, saying that they were spying on the Grand Renaissance Dam. Meanwhile, the Egyptian foreign ministry said that relevant agencies are following the case, indicating that Egypt will not compromise on the issue of the dam. A security source told “Elaph” that information about the dam is readily available to Egypt, and that it does not need to spy to get it. Continue reading

‘Data: 88% of energy consumed in Palestine imported from Israel,’ Quds Press (Palestine), 20 March 2014

With World Water Day approaching (22 March 2014) new data published by Palestine Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) and the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) show that over a quarter of water consumed in Palestine domestically is purchased from Israel’s national water company Mekerot. Palestinians are denied access to water sources, while Israel pumps water from underground aquifers under Palestinian land. Additionally, 88% of all energy consumed in Palestine is purchased from Israel. Continue reading

Signing of an agreement to extend pipeline between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, Al-Quds (Palestine), 9 December 2013

Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian representatives will sign an agreement today in Washington to build a 180 km pipeline from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea. The pipeline will transfer 100 cubic metres of water annually to save the rapidly shrinking Dead Sea from the effects of drought.

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