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Additional reinforcements for security forces in regions of “War on Terror” in northern Sinai, Al-Youm Al-Sabea (Egypt), 4 October 2014

Additional reinforcements for security forces in regions of “War on Terror” in northern SinaiInformed sources from the security directorate in northern Sinai revealed that additional reinforcements of counterterrorism forces are being sent to regions that have seen security pursuits of armed elements belonging to takfiri groups and Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, east and south of Arish, Rafah and Sheikh Zuweid.

The sources confirmed that the El Gorah North Base Camp is the staging area for vital protection in the village of El Gorah and there is no truth to what is being published by news sites about the withdrawal of forces from this camp. The sources indicated that additional reinforcements of soldiers and equipment are being made.

Residents said that in the past few days terrorist groups tried to target these reinforcements with mortar shells, one of which fell next to a residential building, which was saved from production by divine providence.

Translated by Kevin Moore.

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‘Libya: intelligence chief killed in eastern region,’ al-Arabiya (Saudi Arabia), 8 May 2014

Libya’s chief of intelligence was assassinated in the city of Benghazi today. The city, located in Eastern Libya, has been the site of multiple assassinations regular stand-offs between armed extremists, including Ansar al-Sharia, and the army, in the past three years. Continue reading

‘The effects of the Egyptian army’s operations in Sinai,’ Al-Jazeera (Qatar), 30 March 2014

See video transcription and translation below. Continue reading

“Number Two from Al-Qaeda killed (Video)”, as-Sabeel (Palestine), 17th July 2013

مقتل الرجل الثاني في تنظيم القاعدة (فيديو)

الاربعاء. ١٧ تمور ٢٠١٣ ١١:٤٤

  سعيد الشهري السعودي

سعيد الشهري السعودي

السبيل – أكد تنظيم القاعدة في شبه جزيرة العرب، اليوم الأربعاء، مقتل سعيد الشهري السعودي الذي أفرجت عنه السلطات الأمريكية من معسكر جوانتانامو بكوبا وأصبح الرجل الثاني في التنظيم.

وقال إبراهيم الربيش أحد قيادات التنظيم في تسجيل فيديو بث على الانترنت إن “الشهري” قتل في غارة أمريكية بطائرات بلا طيار في اليمن.

ولم يذكر متى وقعت الغارة. (رويترز)



Number Two from Al-Qaeda Killed (video)

Wednesday 17 July, 11.44AM (Amman)

as-Sabeel – al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular confirmed on Wednesday the death of Sayyid al Shuhuur al Saudi who was released by American authorities from the Guantanamo Bay camp in Cuba and became the “Second Man” in the organization.

Ibrahim al Rabish, one of the leaders of the organization, said in a video recording on the internet that “al Shuhuur” was killed in an American drone strike in Yemen.

He did not say when the strike took place (Reuters)