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‘Rice: America is committed to Israel’s security,’ Sky News Arabia (UAE), 9 May 2014

United States National Security Adviser Susan Rice has reaffirmed America’s commitment to Israel’s security, citing further US investment in the Iron Dome project, which protects Israel from short-range missiles. Rice is currently on a trip to the region to meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders after the failed peace talks. Continue reading

‘America warns its citizens of security threats in Saudi Arabia,’ al-Hurra (USA), 12 February 2014

The US State Department has issued a warning to its citizens in Saudi Arabia of possible terrorist threats to Western and Saudi interests in the Gulf state. Continue reading

‘Release of $550 million dollars of Iranian assets frozen in accordance with the Geneva Accord’, al-Sabaah (Iraq), 4th February 2014

With the Iranian-U.S. détente underway, Iran has received it’s first instalment of assets that were frozen under the Geneva Accords.

Continue reading