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‘Report: Moroccan teachers lowest paid in the Arab world, after Algeria,’ Hespress (Morocco), 30 April 2014

An American report of teacher salaries in fourteen different countries places Moroccan teachers as the second lowest paid in the Arab world, just ahead of Algeria, earning an average monthly wage of $512. Continue reading


Princess Rym Ali calls to correct of the image of Arabs in the West, Al-Rai (Jordan), 3 December 2013

Jordan’s Princess Rym Ali has praised news channel Al-Arabiyya for its new translation service that will provide English versions of Arabic broadcasts with full  translations an hour after the original broadcast. The princess congratulated Al-Arabiya on the service, which is considered a tool to help the West understand the Arab World and combated the negative stereotypes of Arabs in the West.

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‘Morsi’s son prohibited from traveling to Malaysia at request of an independent agency’, Al-Ahram (Egypt), 3rd November 2013

منع نجل مرسى من السفر إلى ماليزيا بناء على طلب إحدى الجهات السيادية

أسامة مرسي

قامت سلطات مطار القاهرة فى ساعة مبكرة من صباح اليوم بمنع سفر أسامة نجل الرئيس المعزول محمد مرسى، من السفر بعد أن تقدم للسفر على متن طائرة خطوط الاتحاد المتجهة إلى أبوظبى بدولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة ومنها إلى ماليزيا

وقال مصدر أمنى بالمطار، إن نجل الرئيس المعزول محمد مرسى تم منعه بعد أن تبين بالكشف على بياناته أنه ممنوع بناءً على طلب إحدى الجهات الأمنية السيادية، ومدرج على قوائم المنع من السفر، وأنه خرج من الدائرة الجمركية بشكل طبيعى دون أى تعرض له ودخل إلى البلاد مرة أخرى

وكان رجال الأمن فوجئوا بنجل الرئيس المعزول ويحمل جواز سفر عادى وليس دبلوماسيا. مدون فى خانة المهنة محامى حر. ، يقوم بإنهاء إجراءات سفره على طيران الاتحاد إلى أبو ظبى



Morsi’s son prohibited from traveling to Malaysia at request of an independent agency

Osama Morsi

Authorities at Cairo International Airport undertook a travel ban upon Osama Morsi, son of deposed president Mohamed Morsi, in the early hours of this morning. Morsi is banned from traveling after planning to fly on an Etihad Airways flight to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, and from there to Malaysia.

A security source at the airport said deposed president Mohamed Morsi‘s son was banned after the discovery of statements that he was banned at the request of an independent security agency, and that he is included on the no-fly list. He left customs customs naturally, without any resistance and entered the country once again.

Security personnel were surprised by the deposed president’s son as he carried a regular passport and not a diplomatic one, with the profession column of his passport reading “freelance lawyer.” The termination procedures for traveling on Etihad Airways to Abu Dhabi were carried out.

Translated by Kevin Moore.

Article available at Al-Ahram.