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‘Spanish journal: Of Maghreb counties, Morocco exerting the greatest effort toward political and economic modernization,’ Menara (Morocco), 14 May 2014

The European Union considers Morocco to be an important partner, with many trade agreements in place between the two. Although economic relations have been somewhat strained as of late (due to Morocco’s hesitancy in re-opening its waters to European fishermen, and the EU’s reluctance to grant Moroccan produce preferential tariffs), Morocco is still viewed as the North African country moving towards political and economic modernization at the fastest pace. Continue reading

‘Number of Moroccans in Syria surpasses 8,000 fighters,’ Al-Massae (Morocco), 12 May 2014

A new report suggests that there could be over 8,000 Moroccans fighting in Syria against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Previous reports suggested a number between 1,000 and 1,500 Moroccans were in Syria, mainly fighting in a unit called “Sham al-Islam,” led by former Guantanamo Bay prisoner and Moroccan national Ibrahim Benchekroun. Continue reading

‘Maghreb and European states exchange lists of Jihadists,’ Hespress (Morocco), 5 May 2014

Western European and North African countries have begun to regularly exchange intelligence related to “jihadist” fighters making their way to Syria. Continue reading

‘Human rights activists: irregular migrants don’t trust Morocco,’ Hespress (Morocco), 14 February 2014

The Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH) claims that Morocco has intensified its campaign to crack down on African migrants attempting to enter the autonomous Spanish cities of Ceuta and Melilla in northern Morocco. A statement released by the human rights group condemns Moroccan and Spanish security’s practices of violence, abuse and humiliation against irregular migrants and asylum seekers. Continue reading

‘Spain arrests two Moroccans for smuggling hash,’ Hespress (Morocco), 5 February 2014

Two Moroccan men have been arrested in Spain on charges of drug trafficking. In two separate cases, the men were caught in possession of 720 kg and 900 kg, respectively.

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‘Journalist: number of Moroccan “Jihadis” in Syria does not exceed 100,’ Hespress (Morocco), 3 January 2014

The following article includes a brief summary of some top news stories coming out of Morocco this past week, including new estimates about the number of Moroccan nationals fighting in Syria, an end to the hunger strike by Islamist political prisoners, a Moroccan national has been refused Spanish citizenship even after 20 years of residence due to allegations of espionage, and the start of construction on a fence along the Moroccan-Algerian border.

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