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Articles on Somaliland bilateral relations with Scandinavia (Somaliland al-Youm), 2012-2013

norwayA variety of articles on meetings and delegations between Somaliland and various Scandinavian countries. Denmark officially opened an office of representation in early 2012, a few weeks after which the Danish Minister of Development stated that Denmark is ready to recognize the state of Somaliland. Later that year a Finnish delegation arrive in Hargeisa. Norway on the other hand sent a delegation in early 2011 in response to piracy concerns.

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‘Egyptian-Somaliland Relations’, Somaliland al-Youm (Somaliland), 5th December 2013

In further attempts to foster bilateral relations with other actors in the Arab World, Somaliland sent a small delegation to Cairo to discuss possible grants for Somaliland students in Egypt, and Egyptian aid to the Somaliland educational sector. The meetings were successful and Egypt has pledged to help Somaliland further their educational sector. In addition, there is a plan to reopen the Gamal Abdel Nasser Centre in Burao.

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A Collection of Articles on the development of Somaliland, Somaliland al-Youm (2013)

The Republic of Somaliland declared it’s independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991 after a drawn-out conflict with the former ruler of Somalia, General Barre. As yet they have failed to convince the international community to back their independence despite their political stability and position as one of the most democratic regimes in East Africa. This is a collection of articles that focus on various development goals and strategies proposed by the Somaliland regime including the development of the capital Hargeisa, the port of Berbera and business deals with China.

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