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‘Mossad looks to recruit Arab agents through Facebook,’ Al-Masry Al-Youm (Egypt), 18 May 2014

Israeli newspaper Maariv reports that Israeli intelligence agency Mossad has been pushed to expand its work by the prevailing chaos in Arab states after the revolutions of the “Arab Spring.” The paper says that Mossad is using a major campaign on social networking sites, mainly Facebook, to recruit new Arab agents. Continue reading

“On Video… Asad Troop bombards Colleague”, as-Sabeel (Palestine), 17th July 2013

بالفيديو.. جندي أسدي يقصف زملاءه

الأربعاء، 17 تموز 2013 11:20

السبيل – تداول ناشطون على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي تسجيلاً مصوراً، قالوا عنه انه لجندي تابع لقوات الأسد في القابون، قصف زملائه، كما يبين الفيديو المرفق بالخبر.



Asad Troop bombards Colleague

Wednesday 17th July 2013, 11.20am

as-Sabeel – Activists are swapping a video on social networking sites, it is said that the soldier shown in the clip bombards a fellow solider, as is seen in the attacked news clip from Karboun.