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Additional reinforcements for security forces in regions of “War on Terror” in northern Sinai, Al-Youm Al-Sabea (Egypt), 4 October 2014

Additional reinforcements for security forces in regions of “War on Terror” in northern SinaiInformed sources from the security directorate in northern Sinai revealed that additional reinforcements of counterterrorism forces are being sent to regions that have seen security pursuits of armed elements belonging to takfiri groups and Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, east and south of Arish, Rafah and Sheikh Zuweid.

The sources confirmed that the El Gorah North Base Camp is the staging area for vital protection in the village of El Gorah and there is no truth to what is being published by news sites about the withdrawal of forces from this camp. The sources indicated that additional reinforcements of soldiers and equipment are being made.

Residents said that in the past few days terrorist groups tried to target these reinforcements with mortar shells, one of which fell next to a residential building, which was saved from production by divine providence.

Translated by Kevin Moore.

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Dismantled terrorist cell adopted the name “Supporters of the Islamic State in Morocco,” Menara (Morocco), 29 September 2014”

Islamic State militantsOngoing research into a dismantled terrorist cell revealed that its members had named themselves ‘Anṣār ad-Dawla al-Islāmiyya fīl-Maghrib al-Aqṣa’ (Supporters of the Islamic State in Morocco).

Research into the dismantled group, which it was active in Nador and Melilla to attract and recruit Moroccan militants with the intent of strengthening ‘Islamic State’ in Iraq and Iraq, indicated that its members had given themselves the name Supporters of the Islamic State in Morocco.

A statement from the Interior Ministry on Sunday explained that elements of this cell had “recently resolved to join the ranks of ‘Islamic State’ in Iraq and Syria, after making contact with Moroccan jihadists who are part of this terrorist organization and have vowed to return to the kingdom to undertake the same brutal and barbaric actions that they are perpetrating against Iraqi and Syrian soldiers, and anyone who stands in their way.”

However, in the wake of intensified airstrikes by coalition forces in parts of Iraq and Syria and the accompanying security restrictions on volunteers for jihad in this region, the statement adds, members of this cell decided to “join the so-called ‘Jund al-Khilafa’ (Soldiers of the Caliphate) in Algeria, which recently announced its allegiance to ‘Islamic State’ after taking responsibility for the execution of French hostage Hervé Gourdel in response to France’s decision to join the aforementioned coalition.”

The same source indicated that research shows that the members of this cell “intended to transport the experience of ‘Islamic State’ by spreading an atmosphere of terror and panic inside the kingdom, as apparent through their circulation of terrible images of the corpses of Iraqi and Syrian soldiers distributed by militants of this terrorist organization.”

The source confirmed that the suspects will be brought to justice immediately after the ongoing investigation, overseen by the competent public prosecutor.

Translated by Kevin Moore.

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‘Rice: America is committed to Israel’s security,’ Sky News Arabia (UAE), 9 May 2014

United States National Security Adviser Susan Rice has reaffirmed America’s commitment to Israel’s security, citing further US investment in the Iron Dome project, which protects Israel from short-range missiles. Rice is currently on a trip to the region to meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders after the failed peace talks. Continue reading

‘Group which financed terrorist cell in Mount Chaambi and Salloum arrested,’ Agence Tunis Afrique Presse (Tunisia), 6 May 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.08.29 AMTunisian security forces have arrested a charged which funding and providing material support to a terrorist cell in the Kasserine Governorate of west-central Tunisia. Continue reading

‘Maghreb and European states exchange lists of Jihadists,’ Hespress (Morocco), 5 May 2014

Western European and North African countries have begun to regularly exchange intelligence related to “jihadist” fighters making their way to Syria. Continue reading

‘Three bottles explode inside the Al Shohadaa metro station,’ al-Wafd (Egypt), 21 January 2014

Three bottles containing flammable materials exploded in the Al Shohadaa metro station in Cairo this afternoon. The explosion led to increased security presence in the station, but there were no injuries reported.

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‘Russian President: 40,000 security forces to secure Sochi Olympics,’ El-Fagr (Egypt), 19 January 2014

Russian president Vladimir Putin announced the deployment of 40,000 security forces to ensure the safety athletes and guests of the Sochi Olympics next month. Russia experienced two suicide bombings last month, leading to 34 deaths, and an Islamist group from the North Caucasus has issued a terror threat to organizers and guests of the Olympics.

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Egyptian hotline to report on MB, Egyptian Police Facebook Page, 26 December 2013

In the wake of a new law banning the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian government has set up a hotline for citizens to report anyone suspected of association with the Islamist group, now labeled as a terrorist organization. Clearly, the transitional government in Egypt is not interested in a political solution with the country’s Islamist groups, nor in involving the Brotherhood in any stage of the political process.

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US Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel arrives in Pakistan, BBC Arabic (London), 9 December 2013

Chuck Hagel has arrived in Pakistan for the first trip by a US Secretary of Defence to Islamabad in almost four years. Hagel will meet with the Pakistani prime minister and other leaders to discuss shared US-Pakistani security interests in the region.

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“Special security plans during month of Ramadan”, Al-Wahdah (Yemen), 9th July 2013

خطط أمنية خاصة بشهر رمضان المبارك

الثلاثاء , 9 يوليو 2013 م

وجهت قيادة وزارة الداخلية قوات الأمن الخاصة، وشرطة الدوريات وأمن الطرق، وشرطة السير، بالإضافة إلى إدارات الأمن في المحافظات، بوضع خطط أمنية خاصة بشهر رمضان المبارك، تستوعب متغيرات وأنشطة المواطنين، وكذا مواعيد الدوام الرسمي في مختلف القطاعات وخاصة الحكومية، لتوفير المناخات الأمنية الملائمة للشهر الفضيل.

وأكدت وزارة الداخلية في توجيهها على ضرورة تضمين الخطط الرمضانية منع حمل الأسلحة النارية في العاصمة صنعاء وبقية عواصم المحافظات، وتفعيل دور الأحزمة الأمنية في كل محافظة في جانب ضبط الأسلحة المخالفة والسيارات المشبوهة والمطلوبين أمنيا ، وكذا تشديد الحراسات والدوريات الأمــنية في وقت الذروة، وفي الأوقات الميتة من الســـاعات الأخيرة من الليالي الرمضانية.

مشددة على أهمية توفير وجبات الإفطار لجميع الخدمات الامنية وأفراد الدوريات إلى مواقع عملهم، مع توفير وجبات الإفطار والسحور في كل المرافق الأمنية، ورفع درجة الاستعداد للوحدات المكلفة بحراسة المنشآت الحيوية الهامة والسفارات وغيرها.

كما أكدت على ضرورة الإشراف والتعقيب المستمر من قبل قادة الوحدات ومدراء أمن المحافظات على سير الخدمات والحراسات كل في مجال اختصاصه ورفع تقارير عن مستوى التنفيذ في كل محافظة إلى قيادة وزارة الداخلية.



Special security plans during the month of Ramadan

Monday 9th July 2013

The head of the Ministry of Interior met with special security forces, police units, road safety, and traffic police, in addition to security departments in the provinces, to see the status of the special security plan for the month of Ramadan al-Mubarak, to accomodate changes is citizen’s activities. He also confirmed the official dates in different public and private sectors, to provide an appropriate security climate for the Holy Month.

The Interior minister confirmed in the meetings on the necessity for the Ramadan plan to contain a ban on carrying fire arms in the capital Sana and the rest of the provincial capitals, and activating the role of “security belts” in every province to deal with side arms control, suspicious cars, as well as tightening security guards and security patrols at peak times and the dead hours at the end of Ramadan nights.

Stressing the importance of providing breakfast to the work sites of all members of the security patrols, the provision of breakfast and sohoor in all security facilities and raising the readiness of all units guarding vital facilities and important embassies as well as others.

He also confirmed the necessity of continued supervision and feedback by leaders and directors of security of the provinces to conduct services and guard duty in their respective areas of competence and reporting the level of implementation in each province to the leadership of the Ministry of the Interior.

Translated by Robert Forster

Original article available here.