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‘Red Crescent fully prepared to carry out its humanitarian duty to displaced Africans,’ Annahar (Algeria), 26 May 2014

Algeria is prepared to carry out its humanitarian duty to African refugees in its territory, according to the head of the Algerian Red Crescent, who also criticized European policies in dealing with refugees. Continue reading

‘Syrian Red Crescent: 300 people evacuated today from the Old City of Homs’, Akhbar al-Khaleej (Bahrain), 10th February 2014

A boy sits at the back of a pick-up truck loaded with belongings as he flees with his family the violence in Aleppo's al-Jazmati district

As the fourth day of the humanitarian ceasefire enters into force more people leave the Old City of Homs, where al-Asad’s forces currently besiege the opposition fighters.

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