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‘National strike by “political prisoners”,’ Hespress (Morocco), 30 April 2014

Political prisoners in jails across Morocco are going on a hunger strike to protest the fabricated charges and sham rulings that have led them to prison. The hunger strikers are calling on Moroccan civil society to support them in their struggle for freedom and protest against arbitrary arrests. Continue reading

President Morsi’s defence team delivers his statement to the Egyptian people this afternoon, Ikhwan Online (Egypt), 13 November 2013

هيئة الدفاع عن الرئيس مرسي تلقي بيانه إلى الشعب المصري ظهر اليوم

الرئيس محمد مرسي

تعقد هيئة الدفاع عن الرئيس د. محمد مرسي مؤتمرًا صحفيًّا في الـ12 من ظهر اليوم, برئاسة د. محمد سليم العوا, المحامي والمرشح الرئاسي السابق, بمقر حزب الاستقلال “العمل الجديد سابقًا”؛ للكشف عن تفاصيل زيارتهم للرئيس وما تم الاتفاق عليه، جاء ذلك بعد زيارتهم للرئيس أمس بسجون برج العرب

شمل الوفد كلاًّ من الدكتور محمد سليم العوا، ومحمد الدماطي وكيل نقابة المحامين، ومحمد طوسون، وأسامة الحلو، وأسامة مرسي، نجل الرئيس بصفته محاميًا

يذكر أن الوفد يحمل بيانًا من الرئيس موجهًا إلى الأمة وإلى الشعب المصري؛ الذي يؤكد ثباته على موقفه ومواصلة  الصمود
وأكد محمد الدماطي أن الأمر لن يقتصر على الدفاع عن الرئيس وإنما سيصل لرفع قضايا ضد النظام الحالي وتحريك دعاوى قضائية ضده، مؤكدًا أن الرئيس صامد وأن معنوياته مرتفعة جدًّا


President Morsi’s defence team delivers his statement to the Egyptian people this afternoon

President Mohammed Morsi

The defence team of President Dr. Mohammed Morsi held a press conference at 12:00 noon today, chaired by Dr. Mohammed Salim al-Awa, lawyer and former presidential candidate, at the headquarters of the Independence Party (previously known as al-Amal al-Jadid), to release details of their visit to the President and what has been agreed upon. This comes after their visit to the President yesterday at the Burj al-Arab prison.

The delegation included Dr. Mohammed Salim al-Awa, Mohammed al-Damati – from the Lawyers Union – Mohammed Tosson, Osama al-Helu, and Osama Morsi – in his capacity as a lawyer.

The delegation held a statement from the President, directed to the nation and the Egyptian people, which confirmed his steadfastness in his position and his continued resilience.

Mohammed al-Damati confirmed that the issue will not be restricted to the defence of the President, but rather it will file lawsuits against the current regime and remove the lawsuits against Morsi. He confirmed that the President is steadfast and his spirits are very high.

Translated by Kevin Moore.

Article available at Ikhwan Online.

Security Forces seek escaped fugitive from Romia Prison in Riaq, As-Safiir (Lebanon), 15th July 2013

القوى الأمنية تطارد السجين الفار من سجن رومية في رياق

أفاد مراسل “السفير” في شتورا بأن “عبدالله الحشيمة الذي استطاع الفرار من سجن رومية تجري مطاردته في محيط منطقة رياق أبلح وطريق دير زانون في حين تركز القوى الأمنية مطاردتها للسجين الفار ضمن محيط مطار رياق”.

يّشار إلى أن الحشيمة هو من منطقة سعدنايل.

From As-Safir live news feed at 00.37AM 16.07.2013 (Amman)



Security Forces seek escaped fugitive from Romia Prison in Riaq

According to the As-Safiir journalism in Shatra, Abdullah al Hashima, who managed to escape from Romia Prison is being pursued in the area of Riaq Ablah and Dir Zanun Road. Meanwhile security forces have concentrated on chasing the fugitive prisoner in the vicinity of the Riyaq Airport.

Indicating that Al-Hashima is in the Sa’adnaeel Area.