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‘Saudi delegation explains kingdom’s position towards the “Syrian crisis” to members of Congress,’ Al-Hayat (Saudi Arabia), 8 February 2014

A Saudi delegate was in Washington to speak to members of Congress and American think tanks about the Gulf kingdom’s position with regards to a number of issues in the Middle East region, including the Syrian crisis and the Palestinian issue. The chair of the committee sent highlighted Saudi Arabia’s efforts in funding development and aid projects all over the world. Continue reading

‘Haider: The Palestinian Issue has transformed into an issue of terrorism,’ al-Wafd (Egypt), 6 February 2014

The editor-in-chief of the Egyptian “Middle East News Agency” believes that the Palestinian Issue is of national security concern in Egypt, but the revolutions of January 25th and June 30th have diverted media attention. Additionally, he claims that the entrance of religious factors into the conflict has increasingly made it about terrorism.

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