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‘Morocco, Togo and Zimbabwe in Sochi,’ el-Khabar (Algeria), 7 February 2014

The African continent is being represented by three countries at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Representatives from Morocco, Togo and Zimbabwe will compete in the games. All participants are of mixed heritage, and have chosen to represent the countries of either a mother or father from one of the three nations. Interestingly, the article claims that Morocco is the sole Arab country represented at the games, while Lebanon also has two athletes participating. Meanwhile, Algeria did not permit its sole entrant, an alpine skier, to register for the games.

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‘Russian President: 40,000 security forces to secure Sochi Olympics,’ El-Fagr (Egypt), 19 January 2014

Russian president Vladimir Putin announced the deployment of 40,000 security forces to ensure the safety athletes and guests of the Sochi Olympics next month. Russia experienced two suicide bombings last month, leading to 34 deaths, and an Islamist group from the North Caucasus has issued a terror threat to organizers and guests of the Olympics.

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