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‘Libya warns Europe about death boats,’ Al-Bayane Al-Youm (Morocco), 12 May 2014

Libya’s Interior Minister has warned the European Union that if assistance is not provided to help deal with the influx of sub-Saharan asylum seekers, Libya will “facilitate” their crossing into Europe. Thousands of asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants have died making the crossing from North Africa to Europe in so-called “death boats.” Continue reading

‘Libya: Trial of members of Gaddafi regime postponed until February,’ CNN Arabic (UAE), 8 January 2014

The trial of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s prime minister and other loyalists has been postponed until next month following a request by the defence team to adjourn the case. The three defendants are facing charges of corruption, murder, repression of unarmed demonstrators, and more.

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