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‘Gaza – Mass demonstration rejects negotiations and Kerry’s plan,’ Ma’an (Palestine), 7 February 2014

Thousands of Palestinians demonstrated in the Gaza Strip today, answering a call by Islamic Jihad and Hamas to reject the current negotiations with Israel, as well as US Secretary of State John Kerry’s current peace plan. Hamas and Islamic Jihad do not recognized Israel’s right to exist, and as such does not believe in negotiating with the enemy.

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‘Hamas: Appointment of new a secretary general for elections committee is in violation of the Cairo Agreement,’ al-Youm al-Saba3 (Egypt), 22 January 2014

Hamas expressed its disapproval for Mahmoud Abbas’ appointment of a new secretary general to the elections commission in Palestine. Hamas claims that the decision is in violation of the Cairo Agreement, which stipulates that committee formation must only be taken by consensus.

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‘Two Arab members of the Knesset walk out in rejection of Canadian Prime Minister’s speech,’ Shorouk News (Egypt), 21 January 2014

Two Arab legislators walked out of the Israeli Knesset on Tuesday, in an expression of their anger towards Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s speech in which he equated criticism of Israel to anti-Semitism. The day before, Harper met with PA President Mahmoud Abbas, announcing that Canada will start to give aid to the PA in support of the peace process.

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