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‘Violent clashes in the city of Ma’an in south Jordan’, BBC Arabic (London), 25th April 2014

‘Violent clashes in the city of Ma’an in south Jordan’

Reports are coming in from Jordan of the renewal of violent clashes between security forces and a number of the residents of the city of Ma’an in the south of the country. Eyewitnesses say that clashes broke out in the Hijaziah and Shamiah districts in addition to the area around the security headquarters in the north of the city.

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‘Approximately 83,000 Moroccans visited Turkey in 2013,’ Hespress (Morocco), 10 February 2014

Turkey witnessed 9% growth in the number of tourists coming from Arab states last year, with over 3 million Arabs visiting the country for a number of reason. Tourists come to Turkey from around the Middle East for a variety of reasons, including shopping opportunities, hair transplants and to purchase homes. Continue reading

‘Jordanian sheikh: God bequeathed Palestine to the Jews,’ Erem News (UAE), 2 February 2014

Jordanian sheikh Ahmed Adwan believes that the demand for a Palestinian state is baseless and an attack on Jews and their rightful claim to the Holy Land, as written in the Qur’an.

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‘Karak sit-in: Kerry’s plan is to liquidate the Palestinian Cause,’ al-Ghad (Jordan), 31 January 2014

The Karak Governorate of Jordan witnessed a demonstration today in which protesters demanded reform and called US Secretary of State John Kerry’s Middle East Peace Plan an attempt to liquidate the Palestinian cause at the expense of Jordanians and Palestinians.

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‘Canadian Prime Minister visits Zaatari refugee camp and Petra,’ al-Ghad (Jordan), 24 January 2014

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited the Zaatari refugee camp for Syrian refugees today to see first hand the living conditions of residents and the current humanitarian assistance available to them. Harper also traveled south to the ancient city of Petra, a popular destination for tourists and one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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‘Momani: Canadian Prime Minister’s visit is important for Jordan,’ Moheet (UAE), 23 January 2014

Jordan’s Minister of Media Affairs and official government spokesperson Mohammed Momani stressed the important of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s current trip to the kingdom. The two countries signed a free trade agreement that came into effect in 2012 and are looking to further strengthen bilateral relations and economic cooperation.

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‘Prime Minister and his Canadian counterpart discuss bilateral relations and the latest developments in the region,’ ad-Dustour (Jordan), 23 January 2014

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper continues his visit to the Middle East. Today he was in Amman and met with Jordanian Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour to discuss further opportunities for economic cooperation between the two countries. Canada will provide Jordan with $100 million over the next five years to assist in further developing the country’s infrastructure. Waves of Syrian refugees are adding to the “burden” already placed upon Jordan by Palestinian refugees.

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‘Canadian Prime Minister in Amman today,’ al-Rai (Jordan), 22 January 2014

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrived in Amman today on an official visit to Jordan. The PM is scheduled to hold talks with King Abdullah II about the ways to strengthen bilateral relations, investment and tourism between the two countries, as well as current developments in the Middle East generally.

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Signing of an agreement to extend pipeline between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, Al-Quds (Palestine), 9 December 2013

Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian representatives will sign an agreement today in Washington to build a 180 km pipeline from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea. The pipeline will transfer 100 cubic metres of water annually to save the rapidly shrinking Dead Sea from the effects of drought.

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Princess Rym Ali calls to correct of the image of Arabs in the West, Al-Rai (Jordan), 3 December 2013

Jordan’s Princess Rym Ali has praised news channel Al-Arabiyya for its new translation service that will provide English versions of Arabic broadcasts with full  translations an hour after the original broadcast. The princess congratulated Al-Arabiya on the service, which is considered a tool to help the West understand the Arab World and combated the negative stereotypes of Arabs in the West.

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