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‘Canadian Foreign Ministry: What has been achieved in Yemen is a historical accomplishment,’ al-Thawra News (Yemen), 31 January 2014

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird recently congratulated Yemen on the success of its National Dialogue Conference. Baird considered the conference a historical achievement, paving the way for freedom, democracy, human rights and the Rule of Law in Yemen. The Foreign Minister also confirmed that Canada will continue to support Yemen during this period of political transition.

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‘Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs meets Council of Arab League Ambassadors at headquarters of Palestinian Delegation,’ Ma’an (Palestine), 10 January 2014

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs met in Ottawa with Arab ambassadors to discuss Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s upcoming trip to the region. Baird has forged a good personal relationship with the Palestinian ambassador to Canada, who hoped that Harper’s trip to Palestine will help strengthen bilateral relations.

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‘Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs meets our ambassador,’ ar-Raya (Qatar), 10 January 2014

At a meeting of Arab ambassadors to Canada in Ottawa earlier this month, John Baird met briefly with Qatar’s ambassador to Canada, weeks ahead of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s first visit to the Middle East. The Canadian embassy in Qatar opened in 2012, before then, consular services were handled in Kuwait.

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