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‘This is Iran’s strategy to expand Shi’a influence in Morocco,’ Al-Hadate (Morocco), 18 May 2014

Moroccan daily newspaper Alittihad has reported that Iran is attempting to spread the influence of Shi’a Islam to North Africa, using Lebanese communities in Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon and Sierra Leone to financially support Shi’as in Maghreb states. Continue reading

‘Syrian crisis: Implementation of Homs truce delayed for logistical reasons,’ BBC Arabic (London), 6 May 2014

Reports out of Syria say that the implementation of a truce and the exit of fighters from the Old City of Homs has been delayed. Continue reading

‘Death Threats Haunt Kurdish Singer because of Video Clip’ al-Hurra (USA), 9th February 2014

The Kurdish-Finnish-American artist, Helly Luv, has received a number of death threats after she released a video displaying what many thought to be a symbol of Freemasonry.

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‘How did the late King Hassan II oppose Ayatollah Khomeini’s revolution?,’ Hespress (Morocco), 13 February 2014

On the 35th anniversary of the Iranian revolution, Moroccan newspaper Hespress, looks back at how the late King Hassan II dealt with the regional threat posed by an Islamic revolution in the region, as well as providing a brief history of the political context of the revolution. Continue reading

‘Shi’a leader: “June 30th” saved Egypt’s Shi’as from Muslim Brotherhood’s sectarian war,’ al-Masry al-Youm (Egypt), 15 February 2014

A leader of Egypt’s Shi’a community believes that the popular coup of last summer saved Egypt’s Shi’a sect from Muslim Brotherhood rule, which spread a campaign of hatred between Sunnis and Shi’as. Salim Sabbagh claims that Mohammed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood government planned on fighting in the Syrian civil war against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, but were saved from that fate by the June 30th revolution. He is also calling for rapprochement between Egypt and Iran, especially as tensions between the US and Iran are calming. Continue reading

‘America warns its citizens of security threats in Saudi Arabia,’ al-Hurra (USA), 12 February 2014

The US State Department has issued a warning to its citizens in Saudi Arabia of possible terrorist threats to Western and Saudi interests in the Gulf state. Continue reading

‘Approximately 83,000 Moroccans visited Turkey in 2013,’ Hespress (Morocco), 10 February 2014

Turkey witnessed 9% growth in the number of tourists coming from Arab states last year, with over 3 million Arabs visiting the country for a number of reason. Tourists come to Turkey from around the Middle East for a variety of reasons, including shopping opportunities, hair transplants and to purchase homes. Continue reading

‘Minister of Defence: Iran successfully tests long-range “Bina” missile,’ an-Nahar (Lebanon), 10 February 2014

Iranian state television reported that Iran’s army successfully tested a new generation of long rang missiles, capable of reaching Israel and American military bases in the Middle East. Continue reading

‘Canadian Prime Minister: We will maintain all of our sanctions against Iran,’ al-Mogaz (Egypt), 20 January 2014

While the interim agreement for Iran to curb its nuclear program in exchange for loosened sanctions upon the country comes into effect, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that his country will maintain all sanctions against Iran.

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‘A New Middle East?,’ Elaph (London), 7 January 2014

The conflict in Syria, as well as continued violence in Iraq, has caused some to make a case for the redrawing of the Middle East map based on sectarian lines. In this opinion piece, Hiwa Osman makes the case for parts of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran to be divided into separate states for Sunnis, Shias and Kurds, and briefly discusses the internal political dynamics that would go into forming these new states.

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