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‘Violent clashes in the city of Ma’an in south Jordan’, BBC Arabic (London), 25th April 2014

‘Violent clashes in the city of Ma’an in south Jordan’

Reports are coming in from Jordan of the renewal of violent clashes between security forces and a number of the residents of the city of Ma’an in the south of the country. Eyewitnesses say that clashes broke out in the Hijaziah and Shamiah districts in addition to the area around the security headquarters in the north of the city.

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‘Opinion: Religion and Politics by Mohammed Salmawy,’ al-Masri al-Youm (Egypt), 23rd April 2014

A notable German scholar recently said to me: “after the fall of the Brothers from power you talk a lot these days about the need to separate religion from the state; however the reality is that Islamism will continue to be one of the realities of political life in the Arab region whether the rule of the brotherhood had fallen or not.


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Video: European Christians fighting in Syria in “protection of their faith”, BBC Arabic 19/02/14

This video from BBC Arabic shows training camps in Syria for Christians, some of whom have come from Europe, to fight in the civil war.

أوروبيون مسيحيون يقاتلون في سوريا حماية لأبناء دينهم

كل في سوريا يشن حربه المقدسة، ولم يعد هذا حصرا على الجهاديين. شبان مسيحيون أروبيون يخرجون من بلدانهم للانضمام لمجموعات كهذه.

“سوتورو”، مجموعة مسلحة مسيحية تقاتل في محافظة الحسكة شمال شرقي سوريا، مع بعض الفصائل الكردية ضد مسلحي القاعدة.

مركز الدراسات السويسري اجنفور، أعطى بي بي سي حق استخدام هذه الصور.

وقد التقيت رئيس المركز ليشرح لي عن وضع المسيحيين هناك.

تقرير مراد بطل الشيشاني.



Video: European Christians fighting in Syria in “protection of their faith”

Of all the groups who are waging a Holy war in Syria, the Jihadists no longer have a monopoly. European Christian youth are leaving their countries and joining these groups.

“Sotoro” is an armed Christian group fighting in al-Hasakah province in the north-east of Syria alongside armed Kurdish groups against al-Qaeda militants.

The Swiss Centre for Studies gave the BBC the right to use these images.

The BBC met with the head of the centre to discuss the situation of the Christians in Syria.

Report from Mourad Batal al-Shayshani.

Translated by Hamish  Kinnear. Full article available here

“Russian reports: America plans to create Egyptian civil war” al-Bayan (Lebanon), 31/01/14

Russian media websites have revealed a secret United States report including a plan involving President Barack Obama to infiltrate the Egyptian Army and cause a civil war, eventually leading to the toppling of Field Marshal Abdel Fatah Sisi from power. Continue reading

Su’ad al-Sabah “Veto the feminine plural”

The following is a poem (slightly abridged) by the Kuwaiti poet Su’ad al-Sabah. Translation the authors own. It offers a satirical viewpoint on women and writing. Continue reading

Mahmoud Darwish “Think upon Others”

The following is a short but sweet poem from the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish “Think upon others”. There are, of course, numerous translations of this poem, which are all worth consulting. Continue reading

‘Clarification from the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria about purported presence of a representative in the Geneva II Conference’ Muslim Brotherhood (Syria), 22 January 2014

The Muslim Brotherhood has denied reports that they sent a delegate to the Geneva II conference on Syria.

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‘Get Out Bashar!’, Syrian Revolution YouTube Channel (Syria), posted June 27th 2011

A translation of the Syrian revolutionary song “Get Out Bashar!,” provided by Hamish Kinnear at the Edinburgh Arabic Initiative. Find the Arabic and English lyrics below.

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‘The Zionists will close the Ibrahimi Mosque to Muslims next week for two days’ www.ikhwanonline.com, 1 January 2014

The Banned Egyptian Freedom and Justice party report that the Israeli authorities have decided to temporarily close the Ibrahimi Mosque in the West Bank to Muslim worshippers as part of the Jewish Eid al-‘Ursh holiday.

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‘British political parties announce support for the idea of accepting Syrian refugees,’ BBC Arabic, 30 December 2013

urlBritish political parties have announced in unison the agreement to begin accepting Syrian refugees as the Syrian Crisis continues.

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