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‘Al-Qaeda fighters in Yemen show flexibility despite successive army operations,’ Al-Masdar Online (Yemen), 12 May 2014

Despite a campaign being launched by Yemen’s armed forces, Al-Qaeda has remained successful in perpetrating acts of violence throughout the country. Yemen’s military lacks manpower and the modern equipment necessary to properly counter AQAP, and also has no long-term strategy to ensure that once regions are cleared of militants, they are not able to reestablish their strongholds elsewhere. Continue reading

‘King Mohammed VI speaks to Emir of Qatar by telephone,’ Hespress (Morocco), 5 May 2014

King Mohammed VI of Morocco and Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad of Qatar spoke on the phone Sunday night. The two discussed bilateral relations between their countries, as well as the latest developments in the region. Continue reading

‘Saudi delegation explains kingdom’s position towards the “Syrian crisis” to members of Congress,’ Al-Hayat (Saudi Arabia), 8 February 2014

A Saudi delegate was in Washington to speak to members of Congress and American think tanks about the Gulf kingdom’s position with regards to a number of issues in the Middle East region, including the Syrian crisis and the Palestinian issue. The chair of the committee sent highlighted Saudi Arabia’s efforts in funding development and aid projects all over the world. Continue reading

‘World Federation of Trade Unions condemns American aggression against Syria,’ Tishreen (Syria), 21 February 2014

The World Federation of Trade Unions has reconfirmed its solidarity with the Syrian people to shape their own present and future, Syrian state media outlet “Tishreen” reports. Sticking to the usual line, foreign intervention (led by the US and a number of European states, as well as Israel and Gulf States) in Syrian affairs has been condemned. Continue reading

Popular Egyptian delegation heads to Iran to strengthen relations, Shorouk News (Egypt), 9 December 2013

A delegation of about forty Egyptian politicians, members of the media and revolution youth are embarking on a diplomatic mission to Iran to discuss the current situation in Egypt, as well as push for good relations between Tehran and Arab Gulf States in the face of “American and Zionist conspiracies” for regional dominance.

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King Mohammed VI receives Emir of Qatar, ChoufTV (Morocco), 7 December 2013

Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, will host the Emir of Qatar some time next month. The two are expected to confirm Qatar’s financial support to the North African kingdom.

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Riyadh police receive more than 60,000 illegal Ethiopians…deport 7,000, Al-Jazirah (Saudia Arabia), 22 November 2013

A campaign to investigate Ethiopian violators of work and residence visas is underway in Riyadh. Over 7,000 Ethiopians have been deported from Saudi Arabia, and over 60,000 have been placed into shelters to await their fate.

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