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‘Deputy of Federal Parliament killed in Mogadishu’, Somalia Today, 21st April 2014

 The al- Shabaab increase their attacks on government officials in retaliation for permitting foreign troops in Somalia.


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‘Political Tensions between Puntland and Galmudug’, al-Somal al-Youm (Somalia), 5th March 2014

Despite relations having improved recently, a recent skirmish from Galmudug on Puntland territory in Somalia may sour further developments…

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‘MP Mahdi ‘Ali: Security in the Capital linked to security forces working among the people’, al-Somal al-Youm (Somalia), 1st March 2014

At a time when the al-Shabaab have strengthened their hold on Mogadishu, Somali MP Mahdi ‘Ali Othman suggests the use of plain-clothed policemen and security officials.

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‘The Shabaab mention the killing of Foreign Diplomats in an attack on Presidential Palace’, al-Somal al-Youm (Somalia), 24th February 2014

In the latest chapter of the al-Shabaab offensive which has been ongoing since the New Year, the militant Islamist group launches a large scale attack on the Presidential Palace in Mogadishu. Diplomats from other Uganda and Djibouti are reported to have died in the attack.

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‘Kenya Planning the Withdrawal of her forces from Kismayo’, al-Somal al-Youm (Somalia), 2nd February 2014

Kenyan troops withdraw from the port city of Kismayu in southern Somalia, amongst mass demonstrations demanding that they remain.

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