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Ad on Dustor (Egypt) news website, 30th June 2013

Ad on Dustor

غطرسة مرسي تحرق مصر المحافظات تتحول لكتلة نار قبل ٣٠ يونيو   –   شاهد وشارك

Translation: “Morsi’s arrogance burns Egypt’s provinces, transforming and amassing fire before the 30th June – Witness and Participate”


Translated by Robert Forster.


I usually wouldn’t post this sort of content. Saw this ad on the Dustor Newspaper website and figured it was a pro-June 30th Anti-Morsi advertisement. It stood out. I’m not sure who the martyr is in this case, but it’s brutal nonetheless.

At the time of writing this (18.45 Cairo time) the protests in Tahrir have remained peaceful, however, this sort of advertising reminds us of the tension and horror and anger that lies behind these protests. The sun is going down now, so now is about the time when the character of the protests may change. I hope not, but we shall see.


Tens of Protesters enter Sadat Metro Station demanding Morsi’s departure, Al-Masri Al-Youm (Egypt), 30th June 2013

‎العشرات يتظاهرون داخل محطة مترو السادات مطالبين برحيل مرسي

تجمع العشرات من المتظاهرين داخل محطة مترو  أنور السادات، رافعين أعلام مصر، مرددين هتافات «ارحل يا مرسي»، بالإضافة إلى تعليقهم كروت حمراء على صدروهم ومدون عليها كلمة «ارحل».

وتجمع المتظاهرون في محطة السادات، استعدادًا للمشاركة في مظاهرات 30 يوينو، وتسببت الهتافات في ذعر ركاب المترو، بعد أن ترددت إشاعة عن قطع قطارات المترو الخط الأول للمرج حلوان والعكس

Source: Al-Masri al-Youm

Source: Al-Masri al-Youm



Tens of Protesters enter Sadat Metro Station demanding Morsi’s departure
al-Masri al-Youm, 30th June 2013

Tens of protesters gathered and entered the tunnels of Anwar Sadat Metro Station with banners raised and chanting the slogan “Leave Morsi!” In addition to this they hold red cards and their chests are emblazoned with the word “leave!”.

The protesters gathered in Sadat Station chanting and preparing to participate in the 30th June protests, furthermore, Metro passenger’s panicked after a rumor that the Helwan line would cut some services on the al-Marg-Helwan line.

Translated by Robert Forster.

Article available at al-Masri al-Youm.