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‘Norway joins Holland in boycotting Israeli Companies’, al-‘Alam (Israel), 2nd February 2014

Following Holland’s actions, the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund has withdrawn their investments from Israeli companies working in the West Bank or aiding the construction of settlements.

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‘Spain arrests two Moroccans for smuggling hash,’ Hespress (Morocco), 5 February 2014

Two Moroccan men have been arrested in Spain on charges of drug trafficking. In two separate cases, the men were caught in possession of 720 kg and 900 kg, respectively.

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‘Release of $550 million dollars of Iranian assets frozen in accordance with the Geneva Accord’, al-Sabaah (Iraq), 4th February 2014

With the Iranian-U.S. détente underway, Iran has received it’s first instalment of assets that were frozen under the Geneva Accords.

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