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Tawadros: God saved Egypt at the appropriate time before it became like Iraq, al-Mesryoon (Egypt), 2 November 2014

Pope Tawadros IIPope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, said that the attacks the Egyptian army is currently being subjected to are being perpetrated by terrorists aiming to weaken its spirit but that everyone is confident that the leaders of the armed forces are leading the military in high spirits. He stated that the lowest soldier in the army is well aware of his role and responsibility.

In his discussion with Russia Today (RT), Pope Tawadros added that confronting extremism and terrorism is the responsibility of governments and officials, indicating that the fire of terrorism will reach everyone in the Middle East and beyond and whoever plays with that fire will inevitably get burned.

The Pope indicated that it will not be easy for the Egyptian army to be defeated because it is completely different from the Iraqi or Libyan armies, or others that were weakened. He added that the Egyptian people always say that “our army is made up of men,” because it is the strongest Arab army, has a very regimented structure, is a prestigious institution in Egyptian history and has always been the voice of truth.

In his interview, the Pope said that after the Russian church showed its kind feelings towards us it was his duty to come to them in order to thank them and strengthen relations between the two churches. The Pope also confirmed that the Russian church is considered the biggest Orthodox church in the world in terms of numbers, making it an influential voice.

The Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church also explained that the dialogue that occurred during his visit to Russia included the situation of Christians in the Middle East, and he pointed out that their situation is dangerous and unacceptable to the Russian church and government. He explained that the situation is almost tragic in Iraq Syria, whereas Libya and Lebanon are on the brink of falling into the same position, adding that God intervened and saved Egypt at the appropriate time before it became like Iraq.

On the other hand, Pope Tawadros confirmed that the church serves society by building schools and hospitals, participating in community events and sending Coptic businessmen in force to the economic arena, in addition to the use of Coptic expertise and personnel in national projects.

Translated by Kevin Moore.

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‘Al-Sisi quick to direct the repair and rebuilding of damaged churches at expense of the military’, Al-Masri al-Youm (Egypt), 15th August 2013

السيسي يوجه بسرعة ترميم وإعادة بناء الكنائس المتضررة على نفقة الجيش

source: al-masri al-youm

source: al-masri al-youm

الخميس 15 أغسطس 2013 15:14

وجه القائد العام للقوات المسلحة وزير الدفاع والإنتاج الحربي، الفريق أول عبدالفتاح السيسي، الهيئة الهندسية بسرعة إعادة بناء وترميم جميع الكنائس التي تم الاعتداء عليها خلال أحداث، الأربعاء، على نفقة القوات المسلحة.

واعتدى أنصار الرئيس المعزول محمد مرسي على كنائس وممتلكات الأقباط في عدد من المحافظات، من بينها المنيا، سوهاج، الفيوم، أسيوط، السويس، بعد ساعات من بدء قوات الأمن إجراءات فض اعتصامي ميداني رابعة والنهضة بالقوة، وهو ما اعتبره  سياسيون ورجال دين «عقابا للأقباط على مشاركتهم في ثورة 30 يونيو».

ورصدت غرفة العمليات المركزية لاتحاد شباب ماسبيرو اعتداء أنصار المعزول وجماعة الإخوان المسلمين على حوالى 20 كنيسة بالمحافظات، وتمكنهم من حرق 17 كنيسة بالفعل، بالإضافة إلى عدد من المنازل والمحال التجارية المملوكة لمواطنين أقباط، وأعلن مصدر كنسي تشديد الإجراءات الأمنية حول الكاتدرائية المرقسية بالعباسية، موضحا أن الكاتدرائية أغلقت أبوابها، ولا تسمح لأي أحد بالدخول أو الخروج منها.




Al-Sisi quick to direct the repair and rebuilding of damaged churches at expense of the Military

Thursday 15th August 2013, 15:14pm

The general leader of the armed forces, the Minister of Defence and War Production, Al-Farouk Awal Abd al-Fatah al-Sisi, directed the Authority of Engineers to quickly rebuild and perform repairs on a group of churches that were assaulted during the events of al-Raba’a, at the expense of the armed forces.

Followers of the ousted president Mohammed Morsi assaulted churches and the property of Copts in a number of provinces, amongst them Minya, Sohag, Fayoum, Assuit and  Suez, hours after the start of actions by security forces to disengaged the pickets of al-Raba’a and an-Nahda Square, and politicians and religious leaders consider them “punishment towards Copts for their participation in July 30.”

The Central Operations Room for the Maspero Youth Movement spotted assault by followers of the ousted Muslim Brotherhood on about 20 churches in the provinces and the 17 church burnings already. In addition to a number of houses and shops owned by civilian Copts. Sources from the church announced the tightening of security measures around the Abbasia Episcopate Cathedral, explaining that the Cathedral closed it’s doors and is not allowing any one to enter or leave the premises.