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‘This is Iran’s strategy to expand Shi’a influence in Morocco,’ Al-Hadate (Morocco), 18 May 2014

Moroccan daily newspaper Alittihad has reported that Iran is attempting to spread the influence of Shi’a Islam to North Africa, using Lebanese communities in Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon and Sierra Leone to financially support Shi’as in Maghreb states. Continue reading

‘Al-Jazeera’ forbids the broadcasting of the match between Chelsea and New Castle stubbornly resisting Egyptians’, al-Bawaba Niewz (Egypt), 8th February 2014

Egyptians are annoyed after al-Jazeera refused to broadcast the Chelsea-New Castle Game today. A further manifestation of the political tension between Egypt and Qatar following the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood regime.

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‘U.S. plan to promote civil war in Egypt before 2015’, al-Masri al-Youm (Egypt), 31st January 2014

Couldn’t find the Emirati quote spoken about, but conspiracy theories are rife in the Middle East. Different theories remain as to the reason why; (1) cultural self-importance, (2) pathological reasons and,  (3) what I think is most likely, a political history of conspiracy including US-backed coups, superpower proxy-wars, dodgy funding, the rapid making and breaking of alliances as well as  some ridiculous assassinations over the years, all coming together to lower the barrier for potential conspiracy. However, that doesn’t mean it is necessarily true.

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‘Who is the Zionist in Charge of Protecting the Suez?’ al-Sabeel (Palestine), 2nd November 2013

من هو الصهيوني المكلف بحماية ”السويس”؟

السبت, 2 نوفمبر 2013  12:31

The Suez [Source: al-Sabeel]

The Suez [Source: al-Sabeel]

كشفت مصادر سياسية وصحفية، عن هوية مدير الشركة المكلفة بحماية الممر الملاحي لقناة السويس.

وقالت المصادر ان اسمه اليعازر مروم، وصاحب لقب “تشيني”، كونه يشبه الصينيين، وهو قائد سلاح البحرية الإسرائيلي السابق، وكان حينها المسؤول عن عملية اقتحام اسطول الحرية 2010.
ويتحمل مروم مسؤولية اغتيال مئات الفلسطينيين والعرب، نظراً لكونه قائد لوحدة النخبة “القوة 13″، وراح ضحية عملياته المئات من المدنيين.

وكتب مروم مقالاً قبل شهرين في صحيفة “إسرائيل اليوم”، ومن منطلق التعبير عن حماسته للانقلاب، اعتبر فيه أن السيسي يخوض نفس الحرب التي تخوضها إسرائيل ضد الإسلاميين، وإنه يتوجب على إسرائيل تزويده بالمعلومات التي تساعده لكي ينجح في هذه الحرب.

وضبط أكثر من مرة في نواد ليلة، وآخرها كان قبل 4 سنوات، عندما كان يرتاد نادي للرقص العاري في تل أبيب، وتم توبيخه حينها. بحسب المصادر.



Who is the Zionist in charge of Protecting the Suez?

Saturday 2nd November 2013, 12.31pm

Political and press sources revealed the identity of the company director in charge of protecting the shipping line – the Suez canal.

Sources said that his name is Yaser Merom, nicknamed “Cheney“, since he looks Chinese. He is the the previous commander of the Israeli Navy, and was responsible for the operation to storm the Freedom Flotilla in 2010.

Merom is responsible for the assassination of hundreds of Palestinians and Arabs since he was commander of the elite unit ‘Shayetet 13‘ to which hundreds of civilians have fallen.

Merom wrote an article in the newspaper ‘Israel Today’ two months ago where he expressed enthusiasm for the coup d’état (in Egypt). In it, he considers that al-Sisi is conducting the same war that Israel is conducting against the Islamists and that Israel should supply information to help him win this war.

He has been seen more than once in night clubs, most recently 4 years ago, when he frequented a strip club in Tel Aviv and reprimanded in a timely manner. According to the sources.


Translated by Robert Forster

Article available at Al-Sabeel.

To Abba Macaras, “the government is using Christians to justify its attack on the Muslim Brotherhood”, Ikhwan Online (Egypt), 21st August 2013

ﻷنبا ماكارياس: الحكومة تستخدم المسيحيين لتبرير هجومها على اﻹخوان


Source: FJP Website.

Source: FJP Website.

كتب- سامر إسماعيل:

نشرت صحيفة “الوول ستريت جورنال” اﻷمريكية تصريحات للأنبا ماكارياس بالمنيا؛ أشار فيها إلى أن الحكومة الحالية تستخدم المسيحيين لتبرير هجومها على اﻹخوان المسلمين.

وأضاف أن الحكومة تحاول استخدام الهجمات على الكنائس للضغط على المسيحيين الغربيين؛ حتى يدعموا الحكومة المعينة من قبل الجيش.

وأبرزت الصحيفة تصريحات عدد من المسيحيين والمسلمين أكدوا فيها أن من هاجموا الكنائس خاصةً في المنيا من البلطجية الذين تستخدمهم اﻷجهزة الأمنية التي لم تدافع عن الكنائس ولم ترد على طلبات اﻹغاثة، سواء هي أو اﻹطفاء.

وتناولت الصحيفة ما وصفته بمخالفة أحد الضباط المسيحيين ﻷوامر قادته عندما ذهب منفردًا في محاولة منه لمنع الهجوم على إحدى كنائس المنيا.



To Abba Macaras, “the government is using Christians to justify its attack on the Muslim Brotherhood”

21st August 2013

Author: Samar Ismael

The American newspaper, the Wall Street Journal, published a statement by Abba Macaras in Minya, that the current government uses Christians to justify attacks on the Muslim Brotherhood.

He added that the government is trying to use attacks on Churches to pressure western Christians so to support the government appointed by the military.

The newspaper highlighted  comments  by a number of Christians and Muslims who assured them that they attacked churches, especially in Minya, and that thugs employed by the security services  did not defend the churches or respond to requests for relief or fight the fires.

The paper dealt with what they described as one of the officers violating Christian orders,  leading him to attempt to prevent an attack on a church in Minya.

Note: it’s been a long day. The last paragraph is not as accurate as I can make it. I’ll look at it again tomorrow and do it properly.

Translated by Robert Forster