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‘Canada, Israel and the Arabs,’ al-Ittihad (UAE), 2 February 2014

How does Stephen Harper’s Middle East foreign policy line up with historical Canadian policy with regards to the Israel-Palestine issue? al-Ittihad contends that Harper has completely deviated from past policies, and that his unwavering support for Israel has unsettled even some of his conservative support base back home.

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‘Globe and Mail: Canadian Prime Minister paints a grim picture of the Middle East,’ el-Badil (Egypt), 23 January 2014

The Global and Mail reports on Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit to Israel. Harper was in Tel Aviv as a part of his current Middle East tour. The PM received an honourary doctorate from Tel Aviv University and expressed his thoughts on the Jewish state and the current conflict in Syria.

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‘Two Arab members of the Knesset walk out in rejection of Canadian Prime Minister’s speech,’ Shorouk News (Egypt), 21 January 2014

Two Arab legislators walked out of the Israeli Knesset on Tuesday, in an expression of their anger towards Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s speech in which he equated criticism of Israel to anti-Semitism. The day before, Harper met with PA President Mahmoud Abbas, announcing that Canada will start to give aid to the PA in support of the peace process.

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‘Canadian Prime Minister in Amman today,’ al-Rai (Jordan), 22 January 2014

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrived in Amman today on an official visit to Jordan. The PM is scheduled to hold talks with King Abdullah II about the ways to strengthen bilateral relations, investment and tourism between the two countries, as well as current developments in the Middle East generally.

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‘Fatah: Canadian Prime Minister’s speech incitement against Palestinians,’ al-Wafd (Egypt), 21 January 2014

On his four-day visit to the Middle East, Stephen Harper spoke in the Israeli Knesset. One representative of Fatah called the Canadian Prime Minister’s speech “incitement against Palestinians” and said that Harper has no idea about the reality of the situation in Israel/Palestine, instead he uses the same propaganda and lies that come from right-wing Israeli extremists.

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