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‘Dozens of vital bridges destroyed in Anbar province,’ Aljazeera (Qatar), 28 March 2014

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Video: European Christians fighting in Syria in “protection of their faith”, BBC Arabic 19/02/14

This video from BBC Arabic shows training camps in Syria for Christians, some of whom have come from Europe, to fight in the civil war.

أوروبيون مسيحيون يقاتلون في سوريا حماية لأبناء دينهم

كل في سوريا يشن حربه المقدسة، ولم يعد هذا حصرا على الجهاديين. شبان مسيحيون أروبيون يخرجون من بلدانهم للانضمام لمجموعات كهذه.

“سوتورو”، مجموعة مسلحة مسيحية تقاتل في محافظة الحسكة شمال شرقي سوريا، مع بعض الفصائل الكردية ضد مسلحي القاعدة.

مركز الدراسات السويسري اجنفور، أعطى بي بي سي حق استخدام هذه الصور.

وقد التقيت رئيس المركز ليشرح لي عن وضع المسيحيين هناك.

تقرير مراد بطل الشيشاني.



Video: European Christians fighting in Syria in “protection of their faith”

Of all the groups who are waging a Holy war in Syria, the Jihadists no longer have a monopoly. European Christian youth are leaving their countries and joining these groups.

“Sotoro” is an armed Christian group fighting in al-Hasakah province in the north-east of Syria alongside armed Kurdish groups against al-Qaeda militants.

The Swiss Centre for Studies gave the BBC the right to use these images.

The BBC met with the head of the centre to discuss the situation of the Christians in Syria.

Report from Mourad Batal al-Shayshani.

Translated by Hamish  Kinnear. Full article available here

‘The United Nations announces three day extension of the Humanitarian Truce in Homs’, Akhbar al-Khaleej (Bahrain), 10th February 2014

Humanitarian Crisis in Homs, Edinburgh Arabic InitiativeConflicting parties agree to a United Nations sponsored ceasefire in the Old City of Homs.

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‘U.S. plan to promote civil war in Egypt before 2015’, al-Masri al-Youm (Egypt), 31st January 2014

Couldn’t find the Emirati quote spoken about, but conspiracy theories are rife in the Middle East. Different theories remain as to the reason why; (1) cultural self-importance, (2) pathological reasons and,  (3) what I think is most likely, a political history of conspiracy including US-backed coups, superpower proxy-wars, dodgy funding, the rapid making and breaking of alliances as well as  some ridiculous assassinations over the years, all coming together to lower the barrier for potential conspiracy. However, that doesn’t mean it is necessarily true.

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‘Clarification from the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria about purported presence of a representative in the Geneva II Conference’ Muslim Brotherhood (Syria), 22 January 2014

The Muslim Brotherhood has denied reports that they sent a delegate to the Geneva II conference on Syria.

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‘The masked men who threatened ‘al-Mustaqbal’ yesterday due to its political policies’, al-Hadath (Lebanon), 23rd January 2014

17957201411414The Syrian Civil war has increased tensions in Lebanon and no more so than in the coastal city of Tripoli where the Sunni-Shi’a division has threatened the stability of the city. In the midst of this, a Sunni group in Tripoli threatened to burn down the offices of the ruling political party ‘al-Mustaqbal’ due to their policies in Tripoli.

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‘Get Out Bashar!’, Syrian Revolution YouTube Channel (Syria), posted June 27th 2011

A translation of the Syrian revolutionary song “Get Out Bashar!,” provided by Hamish Kinnear at the Edinburgh Arabic Initiative. Find the Arabic and English lyrics below.

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America seeking to understand the preferable Islamists in Syria and communicate with them, Al-Arabiya (Dubai), 5 December 2013

Spokespeople for United States confirmed that America is in direct talks with some Islamist opposition groups fighting against Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria. Officials claim they are only talking to groups with no ties to Al-Qaeda, ruling out any American connection to the Al-Nusra Front. They confirmed that American aid goes directly to the Supreme Military Council of the FSA and no other actor.

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Assassination of fighting force commander in Damascus, SOHR (Syria), 19 November 2013

A top Syrian opposition commander has been assassinated in the Yarkmouk refugee camp in Damascus as opposition fighters continue to lose ground to the regime forces of Bashar al-Assad.

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Statement: New massacre of children in Raqqah, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (Syria), 29 September 2013

مجزرة جديدة بالرقة بحق الاطفال

محافظة الرقة – المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان: ارتفع إلى 12 عدد الشهداء الذين قضوا إثر القصف من طائرة حربية على الثانوية التجارية في مدينة الرقة الشهداء غالبيتهم طلاب مرحلة ثانوية دون سن الـ18 و عدد الشهداء مرشح للارتفاع بسبب وجود جرحى بعضهم في حالات خطرة

ويأتي هذا الاستهداف بعد  تعهد النظام السوري بعدم استهداف المدارس والجامعات

إن المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان يدين بأشد العبارات ارتكاب هذه المجزرة بحق أطفال سورية وطلاب العلم الذين هم  مستقبل سورية الواعد ,ويجدد مطالبته بإحالة ملف  جرائم الحرب والجرائم  ضد  الإنسانية التي ترتكب بشكل يومي في سورية إلى محكمة الجنايات الدولية لينال مرتكبيها ومن أعطاهم الأوامر، عقابهم على ما ارتكبت أيديهم الآثمة بحق الشعب السوري



New massacre of children in Raqqah

Raqqa Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: The number of martyrs who have died following the military aircraft bombing of a secondary commercial school in the city of Raqqah has increased to twelve. Most of the martyrs are secondary school students, under the age of 18, and the number of martyrs is expected to rise because of the critical condition of some of those injured.

This targeted attack comes after the Syrian regime’s pledge to stop targeting schools and universities.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights condemns in the strongest terms the perpetration of this massacre of Syria’s children and students who are the promising future of Syria. We also renew our demands to refer the portfolio of war crime and crimes against humanities, perpetrated daily in Syria, to the International Criminal Court in order to apprehend the perpetrators and whoever gives them commands, and punish them for what has been perpetrated at their sinful hands against the Syrian people.

Translated by Kevin Moore.

Statement available from Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.