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‘Al-Qaradawi Fatwa forbids voting on Future Egyptian President’, Middle East Online (UK), 12th May 2014

Al-Qaradawi, the Egyptian Islamic scholar and presenter of the al-Jazeera programme ‘Shariah and Life‘ has recently emerged into the public sphere and issued a fatwa against participating in the Egyptian presidential elections which are due to occur on the 26-27 May. This is the latest occurrence in the regional diplomatic dispute over Qatar’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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‘Armed men storm the Libyan Parliament building’ BBC Arabic (London), 29th April 2014

Armed men have stormed the Libyan parliament building in Tripoli and forced the parliamentary deputies to postpone the election of a new prime minister according to official sources. Continue reading

‘The Ethiopian Foreign Minister Announces its support for stabilizing Somalia’s security’, al-Somal al-Youm (Somalia), 27th February 2014

Ethiopia announces it’s continued support to the Federal Government of Somalia in it’s war against the Al-Shabaab. Ethiopia is active in the peacekeeping activities of the African Union and currently has troops in C.A.R., Egypt, South Sudan and Somalia.

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‘Public decision to Increase ‘Risk compensation’ for Police by 30%’, al-Masri al-Youm (Egypt), 19th February 2014

As a means to reinforce police loyalty, Egypt’s interim president Adly Mansour raises salaries by 30%.

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‘Iran successfully launches two ballistic missiles, one of them lazer-guided’, Slabnews (Lebanon), 10th February 2014

Tehran successfully tests two rockets of the new Bina-class on the anniversary of the eve of the Islamic Revolution of 1979. This is yet another development in the security dilemma occurring in the Persian Gulf between the predominantly Shi’a Iran and predominantly Sunni Saudi Arabia.

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‘One Survivor from a Military Plane Crash in Algeria – and at least 100 Dead’, al-Shorouk (Egypt), 11th February 2014

One survivor has been found after a military plane crashed in Eastern Algeria killing at least 100 of the 103 passengers.

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‘Security sources to “al-Shorouk”: Some Squares will be Closed Including Tahrir in Anticipation of Protests by Brotherhood Supporters’, al-Shorouk (Egypt), 11th January 2014

Egypt continues it’s crackdown and enforcement of the anti-protest law, which was signed into legislation in November, as the Brotherhood and other groups battle to maintain ‘a public space’ under al-Sisi.

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‘Demonstration in Mogadishu by Soldiers in the Somali Army’, al-Somal al-Youm (Somalia), 9th February 2014

In a strange turn of events the Chief of Staff for the Somali Armed Forces announces the demobilization of soldiers fighting for the Federal Somali Government. The reason is not explained, but surely this will only fuel further instability and broaden the labour-pool for insurgent groups.

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‘Syrian Red Crescent: 300 people evacuated today from the Old City of Homs’, Akhbar al-Khaleej (Bahrain), 10th February 2014

A boy sits at the back of a pick-up truck loaded with belongings as he flees with his family the violence in Aleppo's al-Jazmati district

As the fourth day of the humanitarian ceasefire enters into force more people leave the Old City of Homs, where al-Asad’s forces currently besiege the opposition fighters.

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‘Kenyan Police arrest three men accused of belonging to al-Shabaab’, al-Somal al-Youm (Somalia), 9th February 2014

Kenyan police arrest three individuals from the al-Shabaab and confiscate their armaments.

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