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‘The Ethiopian Foreign Minister Announces its support for stabilizing Somalia’s security’, al-Somal al-Youm (Somalia), 27th February 2014

Ethiopia announces it’s continued support to the Federal Government of Somalia in it’s war against the Al-Shabaab. Ethiopia is active in the peacekeeping activities of the African Union and currently has troops in C.A.R., Egypt, South Sudan and Somalia.

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‘Kenya Planning the Withdrawal of her forces from Kismayo’, al-Somal al-Youm (Somalia), 2nd February 2014

Kenyan troops withdraw from the port city of Kismayu in southern Somalia, amongst mass demonstrations demanding that they remain.

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‘Clashes between Somali forces in Lower Shabelle’, al-Somal al-Youm (Somalia), 29th January 2014

Clashes erupt between different factions of the Somali army although the article remains unclear. Clashes most certainly occurred in the Lower Shabelle on the 28th Jan. 2014. The government has yet to release a statement.

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‘al-Shabaab: Ethiopia joining AMISOM won’t change the situation’, al-Somal al-Youm (Somalia), 25th January 2014

Ali Tira

Spokesperson for the Al-Shabaab Militia, ‘Ali Tayara, responds to Ethiopia’s official announcement regarding their involvement in the African Union’s AMISOM. Ethiopia’s constant entanglement in the 20-year long Somali crisis has led ‘Ali Tayara to conclude that there will be no real change in the situation.

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‘America confirms the presence of U.S. Army Officers in Somalia’, al-Somal al-Youm (Somalia), 11th January 2014

The U.S. officially announces the presence of U.S. troops in Somalia, although a leaked cable confirmed their presence in December 2013. They aim to provide training and tactical support to AMISOM and Somali troops in order to increase stability and regional security.

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‘Al-Shabaab attack African Military bases in Lower Shabelle’, al-Somal al-Youm (Somalia), 5th January 2014

The al-Shabaab have strengthened their position in Somalia following the start of the new year and are attacking established military bases belonging to Somali and AMISOM forces on a nightly basis.

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