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‘Sisi will visit Algeria,’ El Bilad (Algeria), 17 June 2014

An Algerian diplomat expects that newly elected Egyptian president Abdel Fatah al-Sisi will visit Algeria in the near future because of its regional and international importance. Sisi was elected at the end of May after orchestrating the overthrow of Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi in July 2013 and has initiated a “war on terrorism” targeting Islamist groups in the country. Sisi caused a stir earlier this year when he stated that the Egyptian army could invade Algeria in three days. The comment sparked confusion in Algeria. Continue reading

‘Red Crescent fully prepared to carry out its humanitarian duty to displaced Africans,’ Annahar (Algeria), 26 May 2014

Algeria is prepared to carry out its humanitarian duty to African refugees in its territory, according to the head of the Algerian Red Crescent, who also criticized European policies in dealing with refugees. Continue reading

‘Algerian army kills 10 militants in south,’ Aljazeera (Qatar), 6 May 2014

Algerian security forces killed 10 militants in an operation launched in the south while authorities remain concerned about the influx of weapons and fighters from neighbouring Mali and Libya. Continue reading

Algeria: Our stance on the Western Sahara will not change, Al-Jazeera (Qatar),

تصريحات بوتفليقة (يمين) بشأن الصحراء الغربية أججت التوتر مع المغرب

Algeria has recently confirmed its support for Western Saharan self-determination. The issue has been a dark spot on Algerian-Moroccan relations for decades. Morocco considers the territory, a former Spanish colony, to be a part of its southern lands, and has denied Sahrawi attempts for a referendum on self-determination. The Polisario Front and representatives of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic are based in southern Algeria.

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