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‘Islamic Front announce death of ‘Da’ish’ leader in Saraqeb’, al-Arabiyya (UAE), 15th January 2014

The Free Syrian Army have undertaken victories in the Idlib countryside around Aleppo against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, know in Arabic by the acronym Da’ish (Dawat al-Islam fi al-Iraq wa ash-Shams).

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Princess Rym Ali calls to correct of the image of Arabs in the West, Al-Rai (Jordan), 3 December 2013

Jordan’s Princess Rym Ali has praised news channel Al-Arabiyya for its new translation service that will provide English versions of Arabic broadcasts with full  translations an hour after the original broadcast. The princess congratulated Al-Arabiya on the service, which is considered a tool to help the West understand the Arab World and combated the negative stereotypes of Arabs in the West.

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