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‘Launch of new development projects … Armed forces develop first system in the world to detect and treat Hepatitis C and AIDS viruses,’ al-Ahram (Egypt), 22 February 2014

Egypt’s al-Ahram newspaper reports that the Egyptian government and armed forces are not only solving issues of traffic jams in Greater Cairo with their latest development projects, but have also developed a system to detect and treat people with AIDS and Hepatitis C, without so much as even taking a blood sample. Apparently, members of the Egyptian armed forces have discovered a scientific breakthrough to eradicate both the AIDS and Hepatitis C viruses cheaper, faster, and with a higher rate of success than ever seen before. Hmm…

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‘Public decision to Increase ‘Risk compensation’ for Police by 30%’, al-Masri al-Youm (Egypt), 19th February 2014

As a means to reinforce police loyalty, Egypt’s interim president Adly Mansour raises salaries by 30%.

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“Al-Dostor” reveals “American double standard” toward Egypt, Al-Dostor (Egypt), 30 November 2013

Egyptian newspaper “Al-Dostor” believes that the United States is showing a double standard with regards to its concerns over the new law banning demonstrations that are not previously approved by the interior ministry. In this analysis piece, the paper cites similar laws in the US and China that have not received the same global condemnation as Egypt’s new demonstration law.

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Egypt: Police disperse Islamist demonstrators and arrest dozens, Al-Quds (London), 6 December 2013

In the wake of a new law passed that bans protests without prior permission from Egypt’s interior ministry, dozens of demonstrators have been arrested in Cairo and other parts of the country. Demonstrations have continued in support of deposed Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi, following his July 3rd ouster by the Egyptian military.

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Interim Egyptian President: I will not enter presidential elections, Al-Ahali (Egypt), 20 November 2013

Egyptian interim president Aldy Mansour, who took over control of the country after the overthrow of Egypt’s first democratically elected president Mohammed Morsi, has stated that he will not run in next year’s presidential elections. There is great speculation that Minister of Defence, General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, Egypt’s most popular public figure due to his role in removing Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood from power, will run in the elections.

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