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‘Demonstration in Mogadishu by Soldiers in the Somali Army’, al-Somal al-Youm (Somalia), 9th February 2014

In a strange turn of events the Chief of Staff for the Somali Armed Forces announces the demobilization of soldiers fighting for the Federal Somali Government. The reason is not explained, but surely this will only fuel further instability and broaden the labour-pool for insurgent groups.

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‘Kenyan Police arrest three men accused of belonging to al-Shabaab’, al-Somal al-Youm (Somalia), 9th February 2014

Kenyan police arrest three individuals from the al-Shabaab and confiscate their armaments.

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‘al-Shabaab: Ethiopia joining AMISOM won’t change the situation’, al-Somal al-Youm (Somalia), 25th January 2014

Ali Tira

Spokesperson for the Al-Shabaab Militia, ‘Ali Tayara, responds to Ethiopia’s official announcement regarding their involvement in the African Union’s AMISOM. Ethiopia’s constant entanglement in the 20-year long Somali crisis has led ‘Ali Tayara to conclude that there will be no real change in the situation.

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‘Security Chief Assassinated in Kahadha Region’, Somalia Today (Somalia), 28th August 2013

إغتيال قائد أمني في منطقة كحذا

August 28, 2013 20:40


مقديشو(الصومال اليوم): قتل مسلحون مجهولون البارحة في مديرية كحدا الضابط بجهاز الأمن الوطني خليف محمود علي وذلك خلال ذهابه من منزله.

وأفاد احد شاهد عيان من سكان المنطقة أن مسلحين بمسدسات وبنادق نصبوا كمينا لموكب المسئول، وجرت اشتباكات بين حرس المسئول والمجموعة المسلحة لقي خلالها حتفه.

و صرح عبدالولي مدير مديرية كحدا أن المسئول تم اغتياله من قبل مسلحين نصبوا له كمينا، واضاف بأن الضابط خليف قتل جراء الاشتباكات بينما جرح اثنان من حرسه، مشيرا الى أن هناك خسائر لحقت المسلحين الذين قاموا بشن الهجوم.

 ولم تصدر السلطات الأمنية والإعلامية أي تعقيب رسمي بعد الحادث حول ملابسات اغتيال المسئول، الذي يعد أحد أقوى ضباط الأمن في تلك المنطقة، حيث شارك في عدد من العمليات ضد خلايا الشباب.



Security Chief Assassinated in Kahadha Region

28th August 2013 20:40

Mogadishu (Somalia Today) Unknown militants killed yesterday in Mediria Kahadha an officer from the National Security Services, Khalif Mahmoud as he was leaving his house.

According to one eye-witness who lives in the area the men armed with pistols and rifles skirmished the Official’s convoy. During the clashes between Official’s guard and the militants, he died.

Abdul Wali, the director of Mediria Kahadha, said that the official was assassinated when militants ambushed them, and added that Officer Khalif died as part of clashes while two of his guard were injured. He pointed to that there where losses connected with the militants who attacked.

Security and the media authorities have not commented officially after the incident about the circumstances of the assassinated official, who was a strong security officer in the area where he participated in a number  of operations against cells of people.

Translated by Robert Forster

Original article available at Somalia Today.