Learning Resources

Learning Tools:
Quizlet: online learning tool featuring customizable flashcards and vocabulary lists; available online and on mobile devices
Memrise: online learning tool featuring customizable flashcards augmented with mnemonics and the spacing effect to boost the speed and ease of learning; available online and on mobile devices
Al-Jazeera Learning Arabic: brand new Arabic language learning tool launched by Qatar-based news outlet Al-Jazeera
Desert Sky: detailed and clearly organized grammar and vocabulary lists for students of both Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Arabic
FSI Arabic Language Courses: Levantine, Saudi, Classical and Modern Standard Arabic courses provided by the Foreign Service Institute

Bismillah (Kufic script)

80 Percent Words: vocabulary quizzes of Qur’anic Arabic
Arabic Grammar Resources: a categorized database of Arabic grammar

Children’s Library (Arabic): a selection of children’s literature in Arabic available online for free
Hans Wehr’s Disciples: a collection of readings/translations, and related vocabulary, grammar and translation insights, from calligrapher/linguist Josh Berer covering all levels of difficulty and different genres
Adab: online collection of thousands of Arabic poems, available in both Arabic and English
Read Arabic!: Modern Standard Arabic reading materials developed by the US Department of Education; reading lessons aimed at beginner and intermediate students
Foreigncy: service for intermediate to advanced Arabic (and Hebrew) students interested in foreign policy in the Middle East; authentic and up-to-date Arabic news articles and vocabulary lists/quizzes powered by Quizlet
Nizariat: a collection of poetry and prose from Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani, as well as information on Qabbani himself
Arabic Online: resource page for multimedia Arabic learning materials, combining authentic texts and audio/video excerpts with self-graded comprehension questions for Advanced students of Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Arabic
Princeton Online Poetry Project: small collection of translated Arabic poems with the option of listening to poems read by a native speaker

Allah (God)

Aswaat Arabia: a collection of videos designed by the University of Texas at Austin for learners and teachers of Arabic seeking materials for listening comprehension; difficulty ranges from beginners to superior
Shahid.net: the first free video-on-demand and catch-up website for TV programs in the Middle East; features series, programs, cartoons and documentaries from MBC’s Arabic content
JCCtv.net: pan-Arab media organization providing Arab children with high-quality and innovative programs and content
Arabic Phone Conversations: a collection of over 300 causal phone conversations in non-standard dialects on a variety of topics and at different difficulty levels; features Egyptian, Iraqi and Levantine conversations as well as corresponding lesson plans
Music Layoonak: the largest Arabic music blog, with over 800 songs from over 175 artists from all over the Arabic-speaking world in translation
Arabic Webcasts: listening exercises based on real news events, delivered in simplified standard Arabic; aims to be a stepping-stone for Arabic language students from the safety of the classroom to the world of Arabic news broadcasts
The Arabic Student: collection of Arabic media collected by an American student of Arabic to help intermediate to advanced students with mainly dialects
Arabic on LangMedia: a collection of mainly audio/visual resources for Modern Standard Arabic and a number of dialects

Alhamdullilah (Thanks be to God)

Hans Wehr: a searchable, online version of the only dictionary serious students of the Arabic language need; search quickly by typing in roots
Lisaan Masry: a fantastic, searchable (in both Arabic and English) dictionary of Egyptian Arabic

Moroccan Dialect:
Armchair Arabist: a collection of resources, lessons and insights on Moroccan Arabic from an American Fulbright Scholar
Speak Moroccan Arabic: a series of lessons in Moroccan Darija, featuring basic expressions, vocabulary and grammar tips
Learn Moroccan Arabic: a number of lessons and vocabulary lists for students interested in Moroccan Arabic
Darija Dictionary: created to help people learn Darija by giving words translations, definitions, and examples in both English and Arabic languages
Moroccan Arabic Textbook: Darija textbook, starting from the basics, developed by the Peace Corps for their volunteers in Morocco (also includes an audio companion)

Egyptian Dialect:
Egyptian Arabic Dialect Course: an online course designed to teach learners of Arabic and introduce them to Egyptian Arabic using examples and vocabulary from the lyrics of songs

ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012: Arabic annotations and samples intended to help Arabic teachers, learners, and assessment specialists relate the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines to the Arabic context and appreciate the various dimensions involved in assessing the four skills in Arabic (Writing, Listening, Reading, Speaking)

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