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‘World News – 28/03/2014 – Mid Day News,’ MTV Lebanon

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‘Sisi in Russia today at the head of a high-level military delegation to complete largest arms deal,’ al-Ahram (Egypt), 12 February 2014

Egyptian Defence Minister (and, by all accounts, future Egyptian president), Field Marshal Abdel Fatah Sisi left Cairo this morning on his way to Russia where he and Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy will meet with their Russian counterparts. The meeting comes as a continuation of 2+2 cooperation talks which began in Cairo three months ago. Sisi is expected to announce the details of Egypt’s largest arms deal in an upcoming press conference. The deal will see Egypt receiving the latest planes, helicopters and air defence system. Continue reading

‘Russian President: 40,000 security forces to secure Sochi Olympics,’ El-Fagr (Egypt), 19 January 2014

Russian president Vladimir Putin announced the deployment of 40,000 security forces to ensure the safety athletes and guests of the Sochi Olympics next month. Russia experienced two suicide bombings last month, leading to 34 deaths, and an Islamist group from the North Caucasus has issued a terror threat to organizers and guests of the Olympics.

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‘Ten dead and 50 injured in an explosion at a train station in Volgograd, Russia’, al-Akhbar al-Khaleej (Bahrain), 29th December 2013

An explosion has occurred at Volgograd train station in Southern Russia on Sunday killing 10 and injuring dozens.

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Crown Prince of Bahrain: Washington could lose its influence in the region…Russians are friends who can be relied upon, Russia Today (Russia), 9 December 2013

Bahrain’s Crown Prince warns that America could lose its influence in the Arab world if it does not adjust its current foreign policy in the region. This, combined with Russian efforts in August to stop an American attack on Syria, is pushing Middle Eastern states to closer relations with Russia as an alternative to the US.

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‘Russian Company offers Egypt Modern Helicopter Gunships’, al-Masri al-Youm (Egypt), 15 November 2013

شركة روسية تعرض على مصر استيراد مروحيات مقاتلة حديثة

الجمعة 15 نوفمبر 2013 13:33

قال مسؤول في شركة تصدير الأسلحة الروسية «روس أوبورون أكسبورت» إن شركته تعرض على مصر استيراد مروحيات عسكرية حديثة وصواريخ مضادة للطائرات.

أضاف رئيس وفد شركة تصدير الأسلحة الروسية إلى معرض دبي للطيران، ميخائيل زافالي، في تصريح لوكالة أنباء «نوفوستي» الروسية، بثته الجمعة، أن شركته مستعدة لتوريد مروحيات مقاتلة ومنظومات دفاع جوي صاروخية إلى الجيش المصري، وأيضا تصليح وتحديث العتاد الذي حصل عليه الجيش المصري من روسيا في أوقات سابقة.

وأشار المسؤول إلى أن هذا هو العرض الذي تقدمه شركته إلى مصر، مضيفا: «على شريكنا المحترم أن يقول الكلمة الفصل»، موضحا أن مصر كانت أول دولة عربية تقدم على استيراد السلاح من روسيا عام 1955



Russian Company offers Egypt Modern Helicopter Gunships

Friday, 15th November 2013, 13.33pm

An official for the Russian arms company ‘Oberonprom’ said his company offered Egypt modern military helicopters and anti-aircraft missiles.

The chairman of the delegation of Russian weapons exports to the Dubai Airshow, Mikhail Zafala, said in a statement aired on Friday to the Russian news agency ‘Novosti’ that his company is ready to supply helicopter gunships and air missile systems to the Egyptian army as well as repair and renovate equipment obtained earlier from Russia.

The Chairman of the delegation of export of Russian weapons to the Dubai Airshow , Mikhail Zafala , in a statement to news agency « Novosti » Russian, aired on Friday, said his company is ready to supply helicopters, fighter and systems, air defense missile to the Egyptian army , and also the repair and renovation Gear obtained by the Egyptian army from Russia in earlier times.

The official pointed out that this is a show of the extend that his company is offering Egypt. He added: “It is on our esteemed partner to say the final word.” Further pointing out that Egypt was the first Arab country to import arms from Russia in 1955.

Translated by Robert Forster

Original Article available on al-Masri al-Youm.

“Russia plans to supply Syria with anti-aircraft missiles”, Al-Wafd (Egypt), 28th May 2013

‎ روسيا تعتزم تزويد سوريا بصواريخ مضادة للطائرات

S-300 missiles, (al-wafd)
الثلاثاء , 28 مايو 2013 17:11

‎أعلنت روسيا عزمها المضى قدما فى تزويد سوريا بصواريخ إس -300 المضادة للطائرات، وذلك للمساعدة فى ردع التدخل الأجنبى.

‎ونقلت هيئة الإذاعة البريطانية (بى بى سى) اليوم الثلاثاء عن نائب وزير الخارجية الروسى سيرجى ريابكوف قوله إن الصواريخ تعد “عامل استقرار” يمكن أن يثنى من اسماهم ب “المتهورين” من خوض الصراع .

وقد استنكر ريابكوف قرار الاتحاد الأوروبى رفع الحظر المفروض على الأسلحة فى سوريا، ما سيسمح للدول الأعضاء بالاتحاد بتزويد مقاتلى المعارضة السورية بالسلاح، معتبرا أن هذا سيضر بشكل مباشر بفرص عقد المؤتمر الدولى للسلام عن سوريا.
‎اقرأ المقال الأصلي علي بوابة الوفد الاليكترونية



“Russia plans to supply Syria with anti-aircraft missiles”

Al-Wafd, 28th May 2013

Tuesday, 28th May 2013, 17.11pm

Russia announced its determination to move forward in supplying Syria with S-300 anti-aircraft missiles, thereby helping in deterring foreign intervention.

The BBC quoted on Tuesday, the Russian Deputy Minister of Exterior, Sergei Ryabkov, who said that the rockets were “a factor of stability” to dissuade what he called “reckless” contestation of the conflict.

Ryabkov had condemned the European Union decision refusing the ban imposed on arms in Syria, what would allow the EU member states to supply Syrian opposition fighters with arms, considering that this directly hurt the chances of holding an international conference for peace about Syria.

Translated by Robert Forster.

Article from al-Wafd.