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‘Morocco remains silent after questions from British newspaper “The Guardian”,’ Al-Mustaqbal As-Sahrawi (Sahrawi Refugee Camps – Algeria), 28 April 2014

An article published by The Guardian on Sunday discussed a push for British tourists to boycott Morocco over human rights abuses in the Western Sahara. The newspaper approached Moroccan authorities for comment, but received no response. Continue reading

‘Syrian Chemical Weapons: Damascus has handed over 80% of its supply’, BBC Arabic (London), 19th April, 2014

Sigird Kaag, the president for the Organisation to Remove Chemical Weapons in Syria, has stated that the Syrian government has given up 80% of its stockpile of chemical weapons.

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‘Demonstration in London to Expel the Muslim Brotherhood from Britain’, al-Wafd (Egypt), 19th January 2014

‘Britain First’ Party hold a demonstration outside the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in London.

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‘British political parties announce support for the idea of accepting Syrian refugees,’ BBC Arabic, 30 December 2013

urlBritish political parties have announced in unison the agreement to begin accepting Syrian refugees as the Syrian Crisis continues.

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‘Mariah Carey Christmas Song Achieves Record Sales’ BBC Arabic (London), 20 December 2013

Carey’s Christmas song has record sales in Britain

Mariah Carey’s Christmas single sells a million copies in Britain achieving a record high sale amongst Christmas song.

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Kurds demonstrate in London in support of including their cause in Geneva II, Elaph (London), 17 December 2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 5.40.20 PMThe Kurdish community in Britain demonstrated in London recently to raise awareness for their concerns Syria’s Kurdish population’s place in the Geneva II peace conference.

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“Window festival in London: An Evening with two Arab Novelists” BBC Arabic 28th July, 2013

ضمن مهرجان “شباك” في لندن: أمسية مع روائيين عربيين

رواية القندس تقدم رؤية مختلفة للعائلة السعودية

تحتضن لندن العديد من الأقليات العرقية التي تعيش حياتها الخاصة، تتحدث لغتها وتمارس شعائرها الدينية ونمط حياتها

حين تستقل الحافلة هنا ستسمع من يتحدث عبر الهاتف بالبولندية، وسيلفت انتباهك أن الشخصين الذين يجلسان أمامك يتحدثان التركية، وفي المقعد المقابل سترى رجلا أو امرأة يطالع كتابا أو صحيفة عربية

لندن مدينة التنوع الثقافي بامتياز، وهي تحتفي بالثقافة العربية لمدة أسبوعين كل صيف، منذ عام 2011 ضمن مهرجان “شباك” الثقافي، برعاية عمدة لندن، ويدير دورة هذه السنة عمر القطان، مدير مركز “موازييك رومز” الثقافي في لندن

. يتضمن المهرجان معارض وفعاليات موسيقية وأمسيات غنائية وأدبية

من ألمع المغنين المشاركين في المهرجان مارسيل خليفة وسعاد ماسي ورشيد طه، ومن أبرز العروض المسرحية قراءات من مسرحية “صبرا” للفلسطيني إسماعيل الخالدي و”كوفية صنعت في الصين” لدالية طه، بالاضافة الى العديد من الفعاليات الثقافية والفنية الأخرى



“Window” festival in London: An Evening with two Arab Novelists

The novel “al-Qundus” presents a differing perspective of Saudi family life.

London includes within in a significant number of ethnic minorities which are enabled to live in their own way. For example they speak their own language and practice their religious rituals according to their preferred way of life.

When riding the bus in London you may overhear someone talking on the phone in Polish, the two people in front of you speaking in Turkish, then opposite you someone reading an Arab book or newspaper.

London is a city of excellent cultural diversity and every summer since 2011 London celebrates Arabic culture for two weeks in the “Window” cultural festival. This year’s session is been run by ‘Amr al Qataan, manager of the “Music Rooms Centre” of culture in London.

The festival includes performances of music and literature evenings.

Some of the brightest stars of Arab music, Marcel Khalifeh, Souad Massi and Rachid Taha are in attendance along with readings of some of the most prominent plays “Sabra” by Palestinian Ismail Khalidi and “Keffiyeh Made in China” by Dalia Taha. In addition to this there are many other cultural and Artistic events.

Translated by Hamish Kinnear

N.B, This is a partial translation. The full article in Arabic may be found here.