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Jenin: Thousands mourn woman killed in Istanbul bombing

Jenin – Wafa – Thousands of mourners from the towns of Arraba and Kefr Ra’i, as well as neighbouring towns and villages southwest of Jenin, turned out yesterday to accompany the body of Nasreen Hashim Hammad Lahlouh (28), killed four days ago in the Atatürk airport bombings, to her final resting place in Arraba cemetery, after a funeral procession through her home town. The procession became a public march as crowds arrived from Arraba and neighbouring villages to mourn her passing.

After a gathering for friends of the deceased, crowds traveled the streets of Arraba with the body, swathed in a Palestinian flag, on their shoulders, angrily decrying acts of terrorism and the unjust killing of innocent people. Hashim Lahlouh, the father of the deceased, strongly condemned the attacks, saying: “These murderers have destroyed the lives of innocent people, including my daughter in the prime of her youth. They did not act in the name of Islam, and neither can anyone worthy of praise plan to commit atrocities such as that which happened at Atatürk.”

The deceased was the mother of a two year old daughter, and was married to a man from the Melham family of Kefr Ra’i. She had been living in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, working in a computing school, and at the time of her death was pursuing a doctoral degree in Turkey. 

Translated by Conor Fagan

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‘Gul and Erdogan look into Iraqi Security with Muqtada al-Sadr’, Youm-7 (Egypt), 1 May 2009

An old piece of news on the controversial meeting between the leader of the Madhi Army, Muqtada al-Sadr and the high-level Turkish government officials, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and President Abdullah Gul in 2009.


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‘Positive competition between Baghdad and Erbil in gaining Turkey’s amiability’, al-Iraq News (Iraq), 4th November 2013

A report detailing one of the latest meetings between President Barzani and Ankara in 2013 in addition to the news of an on-going rapprochement between Baghdad and Ankara following a decrease of Turkish investment in Iraq.

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‘Approximately 83,000 Moroccans visited Turkey in 2013,’ Hespress (Morocco), 10 February 2014

Turkey witnessed 9% growth in the number of tourists coming from Arab states last year, with over 3 million Arabs visiting the country for a number of reason. Tourists come to Turkey from around the Middle East for a variety of reasons, including shopping opportunities, hair transplants and to purchase homes. Continue reading

‘Turkish air raid on “ISIS” convoy in northern Syria,’ Al-Hayat (Saudi Arabia), 29 January 2014,

The Turkish army has reported that it launched an attack on a convoy belonging to the al-Qaeda affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS). The Islamist group was originally established in Iraq during the 2003 American invasion and has been active in Syria since 2011. The group has battled both regime and opposition forces during the course of the Syrian conflict.

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‘Baghdad agrees with the Kurdistan region to adopt a unified mechanism for the export of oil’, al-Rafidayn (Iraq), 20th January 2014

Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan sign an agreement on homogenizing the oil export mechanism to increase efficiency, meanwhile ceasing export of Kurdistani oil until an agreement is settled upon. Turkey flexes diplomatic muscle in the affair and the incident is further evidence of Kurdistan as a political actor in the region.

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‘A New Middle East?,’ Elaph (London), 7 January 2014

The conflict in Syria, as well as continued violence in Iraq, has caused some to make a case for the redrawing of the Middle East map based on sectarian lines. In this opinion piece, Hiwa Osman makes the case for parts of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran to be divided into separate states for Sunnis, Shias and Kurds, and briefly discusses the internal political dynamics that would go into forming these new states.

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‘Turkish newspaper: Turkish security detained Weapons Truck destined for Syria’, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (UK), 1 January 2014

Turkish border police stop a truck carrying arms destined for Syria. The drivers claimed to be carrying good for Turkish Islamic Relief Organization.

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‘The Islamic Front refuses to meet with the Americans in Turkey’, al-Mal, 16th December 2013

al-Jebha al-Islaamia

Seven militias formed an alliance in late November under the banner of the Islamic Front. In an attempt to get peace talks off the ground there has been talk of a meeting between senior leaders of various factions in Istanbul, but to little avail.

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Turkish ambassador praises his country’s relations with Morocco, Hespress (Morocco), 11 December 2013

The Turkish ambassador to Morocco and a Turkish researcher from Istanbul highlighted the strong historical, cultural and religious ties between the two countries during a talk given at Mohammed V University in Rabat.

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