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‘Al-Qaeda fighters in Yemen show flexibility despite successive army operations,’ Al-Masdar Online (Yemen), 12 May 2014

Despite a campaign being launched by Yemen’s armed forces, Al-Qaeda has remained successful in perpetrating acts of violence throughout the country. Yemen’s military lacks manpower and the modern equipment necessary to properly counter AQAP, and also has no long-term strategy to ensure that once regions are cleared of militants, they are not able to reestablish their strongholds elsewhere. Continue reading

‘Tawakkol Karman: Sisi declares that he is the new Pharaoh’, 26th March, 2014

The Nobel peace prize laureate and Yemeni activist, Tawakkol Karman has stated that the announcement by Sisi that he is resigning from the military government so he put himself forward as a presidential candidate is effectively an installation of a new Pharaoh in Egypt.

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‘Approximately 83,000 Moroccans visited Turkey in 2013,’ Hespress (Morocco), 10 February 2014

Turkey witnessed 9% growth in the number of tourists coming from Arab states last year, with over 3 million Arabs visiting the country for a number of reason. Tourists come to Turkey from around the Middle East for a variety of reasons, including shopping opportunities, hair transplants and to purchase homes. Continue reading

‘Canadian Foreign Ministry: What has been achieved in Yemen is a historical accomplishment,’ al-Thawra News (Yemen), 31 January 2014

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird recently congratulated Yemen on the success of its National Dialogue Conference. Baird considered the conference a historical achievement, paving the way for freedom, democracy, human rights and the Rule of Law in Yemen. The Foreign Minister also confirmed that Canada will continue to support Yemen during this period of political transition.

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‘Is Yemen an underdeveloped country, and will that affect Saudi Arabia?,’ Aden al-Ghad (Yemen), 18 January 2014

A look into historical significance of Yemen by Sayyid al-Wahhabi after tweeting that one of the reasons for Saudi Arabia’s underdevelopment is its geographical location close to Yemen.

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‘Silent Youth announce vigil against killings in an unprecedented manner,’ Hona Hadhramout (Yemen), 4 January 2014

Members of youth and volunteer organizations in the Hadhramout region of Yemen held a silent vigil on Saturday to condemn the killing and assassination of members of their community. Unfortunately, the photos from the original article are no longer available.

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House of Representatives votes to prohibit drones from flying over Yemeni airspace, Saba News (Yemen), 15 November 2013

Yemen’s House of Representatives met for the first session of the current period. The session comes in the wake of a deadly terrorist attack last week and continuing civilian casualties from US drone strikes in the country.

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National Solidarity Party condemns the criminal incident that targeted the Ministry of Defence, News Hour (Yemen), 5 December 2013

National Solidarity PartyThe Libyan National Solidarity Party has released a statement condemning the suicide bomber and gunmen who attacked Yemen’s defence ministry this morning. The party is calling for national unity, as well as support for the armed forces and the president in the wake of the attack. Yemen has faced major instability since the uprising of 2011, and extremist groups (many linked to Al-Qaeda) have mounted several attacks on Yemeni security forces since 2012.

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‘Yemen Seizes 1.2 Million Fire-arms in 6 Months’, al-Thoura (Yemen), 21 November 2013

The on-going Yemeni insurgency, it’s proximity to Somalia and Yemen’s role as gatekeeper to the Arabian Peninsular from the African continent sees a large number of contraband items smuggled into the country. A recent report by Yemeni authorities mentions attempts made to control the large number of firearms as well as recent efforts in clearing mine fields in the Abyan, Sa’dah, Ibb, Hadramaut, Amran and Dali’a provinces.

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‘Brides of Death: Young Bride Victims in Yemen (Report)’, al-Masri al-Youm (Egypt), 21st September 2013

‘زواج القاصرات في اليمن’

The reunification of Yemen in 1990 left a gap in the legal system in regards to legal marital age of girls. Opposed by clerics and Islamist parliamentarians, progressives and human rights organizations are attempting to push a new law into effect.

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