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Al-Abadi Accused of Submitting to Kuwait


The Iraqi government’s decision to proceed with demarcation of the maritime border with Kuwait and the agreement on navigation arrangements in Khor Abd Allah have provoked a furious reaction in political and public circles, considering it a concession on the most important Iraqi access point on the Persian Gulf. They claim that the decision, which is due to be debated in parliament shortly, is a “betrayal”. The bay is situated north of the Kuwaiti islands Bubiyan and Warbah and south west of the Al-Faw Peninsula. It extends into Iraqi territory, where it joins with Khor Al-Zubair, where Umm Qasir port is located. The Iraqi government had set the year 2010 for laying the founding stone in the construction of a large port on the eastern side of Al-Faw.

Aliyah Nasif Jasim, a deputy for the State of Law Coalition led by Vice President Nouri al-Maliki, said that “the cabinet voted to grant the Khor Abd Allah to Kuwait, and to spend 750 thousand dollars on demarcating the sea border, despite everyone knowing that it belongs to Iraq alone. The sea channel is not included in international resolutions, and anyone using this empty excuse is attempting to hoodwink the Iraqi people. This decision is a betrayal of Iraq.”

Deputy Awatif Naimah said in a statement that “This is the most important Iraqi maritime territory, and the agreement gives Kuwait top priority in control of the channel, despite the fact that UN Resolution 833 gave Iraq total control of navigation within it.”

Dozens of people demonstrated in the Basra Governorate yesterday, protesting the government’s decision. A number of activists stressed the damage which would affect its residents, as well as their rejection of this “violation” of sovereign Iraqi territory. MP Hanan al-Fatalawi submitted a query to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in relation to the Khor Abd Allah agreement. She said in a press conference that she is waiting for the head of the Council of Representatives to set an appointment with al-Abadi or one of his representatives for an answer.

Mazen al-Mazni, a deputy for cleric Moqtada al-Sadr’s “Al-Ahrar Bloc”, considers “the decision to proceed with implementing the UN Resolution and redraw the border with Kuwait simply a donation of Iraqi land.” He asked the government to be careful about “trifling with national assets, as they are the property of Iraq and its people, and not of any person, minister or party. We will not allow any damage to come to our land.”

In an interview with ‘Al-Hayat’, deputy Maysoon al-Damluji said that “the redrawing of the border is due to an international resolution made without the presence of Iraq, and is part of the punishments levied against the previous regime.”

In a statement on social media, Ihsan al-Shammari, a close associate of the Prime Minister, wrote that the accusations being made against the government were “an attempt by corrupt politicians to shuffle the deck and sow confusion after the victories achieved by our heroic forces, in particular the successful expeditions in the left bank of Mosul. They are spreading these lies across websites and through the media in the hopes of gaining an early election.” He added that “Parliament passed a maritime law for Khor Abd Allah between Iraq and Kuwait on 22 August 2013. The former Council of Ministers ratified it on 27 January 2014, during a meeting of the Iraq-Kuwaiti joint higher committee. The day before yesterday, the cabinet was briefed on the report by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs related to modernising the borders according to international standards, and this does not include a change in the reality of the current borders. It is a complete record of the 3rd session of the joint higher committee in 2013, which as mentioned was ratified 27 January 2014. The Council of Ministers committed to the implementation of the resolution, based on the obligations of the previous government.”

Translated by Conor Fagan

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‘Hala Sidky attacks Sheikh Muhammad Hassan: He was attacking Christians in the previous regime and now calls on them to not fear of Islam’, al-Anba (Kuwait), 2nd June 2012

هالة صدقي تهاجم الشيخ محمد حسان: كان يهاجم المسيحيين في النظام السابق والآن يدعوهم إلى عدم الخوف من الإسلام

السبت 2 يونيو 2012

شنت الفنانة هالة صدقي هجوما على الشيخ محمد حسان تعقيبا على دعوته الأقباط بألا يخشو الإسلام، وذلك في دعوته لتأييد د.محمد مرسي مرشح الإخوان المسلمين.

وقالت هالة: «الشيخ حسان كان يهاجم المسيحيين في النظام السابق أما الآن فهو يدعوهم الى عدم الخوف من الإسلام، متسائلة: كيف له أن تكون مواقفه متناقضة مع المسيحيين». وأضافت ان الشيخ محمد حسان كان بالسعودية الأسبوع الماضي والتقى بخادم الحرمين وقال له: «هو انت زعلان على اللي رفعوا الجزم على السفير، ومش زعلان على اللي بيقولوا ان الله له ولد» ـ على حد قولها.

وذلك بعد ان عرض برنامج الحقيقة الذي يقدمه الإعلامي وائل الإبراشي وبثته فضائية دريم 2، فيديو للداعية السلفي الشيخ محمد حسان يدعو فيه أقباط مصر بألا يخافوا من الإسلام. حيث قال: لن نسمح لأحد مهما كان وزنه أن يظلمكم أنتم أهل ذمتنا، ورسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم أوصى بكم خيرا، وأطمئنكم بأن المسلمين أجمعوا على وجوب حمايتكم من أي اعتداء خارجي، أنتم في كنف الشريعة الإسلامية أمنون ومطمئنون.



Hala Sidky attacks Sheikh Muhammad Hassan: He was attacking Christians in the previous regime and now calls on them to not fear of Islam

Saturday 2nd June 2012

The actress Hala Sadiqi launched an attack on Sheikh Muhammed Hassan commenting on his calls on Copts to fear Islam, and then his calls to support the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Muhammed Morsi.

Hala said: “The Sheikh Hassan was attacking Christians in the previous system, but now he calls on them to not fear Islam, she wondered: how does he hold inconsistent positions with Christians.” She added that Sheikh Muhammed Hassan was  in Saudi last week and met with the Custodian and said to him “are you upset about the assertion raised to the Ambassador and not upset about that it was said that “Allah has a son” – she said.

During a non-fiction show provided by Media Wael Ebrashi and aired on Dream 2 Satellite, a video showed of the Salafi Preacher Sheikh Muhammed Hassan in which he called on Coptic Egypt to not fear Islam. He said: we will not except anyone, whatever his weight, to darken you people and vilify us, and the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, has recommended you well, and I assure you that the Muslims are unanimously agreed on the necessity to protect you from any external aggression, you and within the confines of Islamic law, be secure and reassured.

Translated by Robert Forster