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Qatar’s decisions: the present will inform the future

Al-Bilad (Bahrain) – 29 July 2017 – Faten Hamza

Qatar decisions

Faten Hamza

It appears as though Qatar does not wish to bow down to the Riyadh Agreement, as so far nothing has come of it. Qatar’s decisions and statements are still meagre and shaken, and report the extent of the confusion currently affecting Qatar, despite the role played by the boycott, and its continuing effects. Many of the Gulf newspapers note that the four countries which sponsor terrorism will not accept the existence of this fragile and confused entity in the region, and are anticipating a new round of escalations after Qatar ignored Arab demands and continued on its destructive path!

The Qatari position has become clear, and its repetitiveness has deepened the crisis. We had hoped that Qatar would put forth initiatives calling for communication, instead of sticking with its unwelcome policies, which day by day increase its isolation.

Qatar today needs more wisdom and reason instead of obstinacy and stubbornness in order to leave this all behind without losses for which the Qatari people will pay, and this will not be realised unless it reconciles with the other countries of the region. A reliance on external solutions will not solve the crisis. Instead it will intensify it, or could entangle Qatar in matters which will have unintended consequences. Its support for terrorism and hostile groups in the region is an unacceptable matter, and will see Qatar falling into unforeseen and isolated circumstances.

Qatar is still existing on cunning or recycled promises from overseas, which have attempted to incite or strengthen Qatar with illusions, and increase its resolve to persevere with its hostile policies. It is in the interests of several countries to push this dispute and the continuation of conflict and sedition, to achieve their plans to scatter and sow discord in the region, and facilitate the imposition of their interventions.

If these voices of support and praise remain present, unfortunately there will be mixed among righteous people those who lose who lack insight and wish to impose their own agendas, for whom the important thing is that matters proceed according to their desires. We hope that we can pass through this ordeal peacefully and that all of the unjust and stubborn people will realise what is coming as a result of their intransigence, which will inevitably fall on the shoulders of the innocent lost between right and wrong.

Translated by Conor Fagan

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Prime Minister Announces Conditions for Acquisition of Bahraini Nationality for Foreign Ships

Bahrain – Akhbar Al-Khaleej

In the Official Gazzette dated 26 January 2017, His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has issued Decree no. 3 (2017), concerning the terms and conditions for granting Bahraini nationality to foreign ships.

Article I. Without prejudice to the provisions of Article II of the Maritime Law issued by Legislative Decree No. 23 (1982), it is permissible for the Minister of Transport and Communications to grant Bahraini nationality to ships owned by non-Bahrainis provided that they meet the following terms and conditions:

(1) That the age of the vessel does not exceed 20 years at the time of its request to be registered in the records of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
(2) That the gross tonnage of the vessel is not less than 3,000 tons, and that it is self-propelled.
(3) That the vessel be classified with one of the classification societies belonging to the International Association of Classification Societies, or with one of the classification societies recognised by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
(4) That the vessel not be restricted by the blacklist of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for inspection and control of ships in any region of the world.
(5) That the operator of the vessel has obtained a certificate of compliance in accordance with the International Code of Safety Management.
(6) That the company owning the vessel be in good financial standing.
(7) That the company owning the vessel have a legal representative in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
(8) That the company owning the vessel was founded in a country which has diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Bahrain, and that that country not be under economic sanction from the international community.
(9) That the approval of the Bahraini Defence Force and the Interior Ministry to grant Bahraini nationality to foreign vessels is obtained. The Minister may not grant Bahraini nationality to foreign vessels owned by persons or companies belonging to states which are not friendly to the Kingdom, or do not have diplomatic relations with the Kingdom, or are in unfriendly relations with it or one of the Arab countries, except after approval of the Council of Ministers.

Article II. The Minister of Transport and Communications will implement this resolution, which takes effect from the day following the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

Translated by Conor Fagan

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‘Report: Moroccan teachers lowest paid in the Arab world, after Algeria,’ Hespress (Morocco), 30 April 2014

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‘Approximately 83,000 Moroccans visited Turkey in 2013,’ Hespress (Morocco), 10 February 2014

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‘Photographer ‘Ahmed al-Fardan’ arrested at his house this morning,’ al-Bahrain al-Youm (Bahrain), 27 December 2013

The photographer Ahmed al-Fardan was arrested in a raid on his home on Thursday 27th December 2013 and has joined the list of 4 other Bahraini photographers arrested in a string of crackdowns since the start of the Arab Spring.

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‘Observatory: 517 dead including 151 children in air strikes on Aleppo and the surrounding countryside in two weeks’, Akhbar al-Khaleej (Bahrain), 29th December 2013

The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights has released a statement stating that at least 517 people have been killed in air raids on Aleppo and its surrounding countryside in the last two weeks.

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Crown Prince of Bahrain: Washington could lose its influence in the region…Russians are friends who can be relied upon, Russia Today (Russia), 9 December 2013

Bahrain’s Crown Prince warns that America could lose its influence in the Arab world if it does not adjust its current foreign policy in the region. This, combined with Russian efforts in August to stop an American attack on Syria, is pushing Middle Eastern states to closer relations with Russia as an alternative to the US.

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