Arabic Language Sources

List of Arabic Language New Sources by Country

This is designed to be a small collection of Arabic language news sources from the Arabic speaking world, focussing mainly on newspapers.

The list also aims to include a number of governmental publishing platforms as well as  opposition sources – both peaceful and armed.

Due to the high level of flux in the region as well as other issues such as strict censorship there is a high-level of turn over in the Arabic language print media. As such, the number of Arabic sources remain in constant flux and the list will be updated ca. every 6 months, whereby false links will be removed.

Furthermore, with the advent of social media platforms and their ease of use, many opposition groups (see Maspero Youth Movement) have switched from traditional webpages to using only Facebook and Twitter. In turn, this creates other issues, such as copy-cat organizations or the proliferation of organizations with the same or similar name as a result of factional fall outs within an organization.

Last updated November 2013

R. Forster


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