Qatar’s decisions: the present will inform the future

Al-Bilad (Bahrain) – 29 July 2017 – Faten Hamza

Qatar decisions

Faten Hamza

It appears as though Qatar does not wish to bow down to the Riyadh Agreement, as so far nothing has come of it. Qatar’s decisions and statements are still meagre and shaken, and report the extent of the confusion currently affecting Qatar, despite the role played by the boycott, and its continuing effects. Many of the Gulf newspapers note that the four countries which sponsor terrorism will not accept the existence of this fragile and confused entity in the region, and are anticipating a new round of escalations after Qatar ignored Arab demands and continued on its destructive path!

The Qatari position has become clear, and its repetitiveness has deepened the crisis. We had hoped that Qatar would put forth initiatives calling for communication, instead of sticking with its unwelcome policies, which day by day increase its isolation.

Qatar today needs more wisdom and reason instead of obstinacy and stubbornness in order to leave this all behind without losses for which the Qatari people will pay, and this will not be realised unless it reconciles with the other countries of the region. A reliance on external solutions will not solve the crisis. Instead it will intensify it, or could entangle Qatar in matters which will have unintended consequences. Its support for terrorism and hostile groups in the region is an unacceptable matter, and will see Qatar falling into unforeseen and isolated circumstances.

Qatar is still existing on cunning or recycled promises from overseas, which have attempted to incite or strengthen Qatar with illusions, and increase its resolve to persevere with its hostile policies. It is in the interests of several countries to push this dispute and the continuation of conflict and sedition, to achieve their plans to scatter and sow discord in the region, and facilitate the imposition of their interventions.

If these voices of support and praise remain present, unfortunately there will be mixed among righteous people those who lose who lack insight and wish to impose their own agendas, for whom the important thing is that matters proceed according to their desires. We hope that we can pass through this ordeal peacefully and that all of the unjust and stubborn people will realise what is coming as a result of their intransigence, which will inevitably fall on the shoulders of the innocent lost between right and wrong.

Translated by Conor Fagan

Original article can be found here.

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