National Education Committee adopts plan for discussing Education Policy

DUBAI – Emarat Al-Youm

The Committee on Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Affairs, and Information discussed Education Policy at a meeting yesterday, chaired by Committee president Naima Abdullah al-Sharhan. The Committee adopted the policy recommendations of the Assembly for higher education and scientific research.

Al-Sharhan said that the work plan included field visits to schools, as well as the convening of seminars for teachers, students, and the parents of students, along with all those interested in education policy. Special questionnaires for teachers are also included in the plan.

She indicated that in the coming weeks, the Committee will commence visits to school districts around the country. She explained that the committee had discussed the proposal from several perspectives, among them the practical burden and welfare of the teachers, students, and education directors; the administration of education; and the schedule for the academic year. She also said that the Committee had adopted her recommendations for ‘Ministry of Education’ policy, which include the revision of salaries and incentives for faculty and staff in the higher education body. The promotion system for financial and academic staff will be modified, ensuring its attractiveness for native academics, along with the development of a part-time system for native academics in state higher education institutions, along with other proposals.

Translated by Conor Fagan

Original article found here.

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