Breaking: Six Houthi apostates killed in Ansar al-Sharia ambush in al-Bayda, Akhbar Ansar al-Sharia (Yemen), 28 September 2014

Ansar al-Sharia statement on ambush inBayda

Six Houthi apostates* lost their lives after being subjected to an ambush carried out by Ansar al-Sharia mujahideen in the province of al-Bayda Sunday night.

Our correspondent in al-Bayda explained that the mujahideen launched the ambush on a red Suzuki Grand Vitara in which Houthi apostates were traveling on their way from the city of al-Bayda to the city of Rida’a. Our correspondent indicated that upon the vehicle passing the ambush at exactly 7:00 pm, the mujahideen sprayed it with a barrage of bullets, leading to the death of those on board and the vehicle going up in flames before the mujahideen withdrew safely.

* Note: AQAP refers to Houthis as “rawafid/rafidites” as they follow the Zaidi Shi’a school of Islamic jurisprudence, which does not align with AQAP’s puritanical Salafi school of thought.

Translated by Kevin Moore.

View original statement on Twitter.


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