Breaking: Dozens of Houthi apostates killed and injured in Ansar al-Sharia suicide attack using a car bomb, Akhbar Ansar al-Sharia (Yemen), 28 September 2014

Ansar al-Sharia statement - Attack on Jafra hospital

Dozens of Houthi apostates* were killed and injured this evening after an Ansar al-Sharia suicide bomber targeted a gathering of them at the al-Jafra hospital in the Majzar region of the Ma’rib province with a car bomb.

Akhbar Ansar al-Sharia’s correspondent in Ma’rib explained that the suicide bomber, Abu Jandal al-San’aani, drove a car laden with explosives into a gathering of Houthis at the hospital, which the Houthis had transformed into a headquarters at the expense of the public benefit for Muslims among the region’s residence. The correspondent indicated that the mujahideen’s targeting of a gathering of Houthis in al-Jafra verified its strategic importance for them do to the fact that it represents an advance of their fighters in the region.

He added that aside from the human casualties, the Houthis also suffered material losses represented in the destruction of 4 dump trucks, 3 four-wheel drive military vehicles and 2 armoured Hummers.

* Note: AQAP refers to Houthis as “rawafid/rafidites” as they follow the Zaidi Shi’a school of Islamic jurisprudence, which does not align with AQAP’s puritanical Salafi school of thought.

Translated by Kevin Moore.

View original statement on Twitter.

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