‘Libyan government’s statement on Tripoli International Airport hostilities,’ 13 July 2014

The office of Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni released the following statement after militias battled for control of the Tripoli International Airport today.

Interim Libyan Government – Office of the Prime Minister
Date: 13/07/2014

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Tripoli International Airport and other locations in the suburbs of Tripoli are being subjected to operations led by field commanders associated with brigades and regional forces from several axes who are mobilizing without orders or any legal cover. Shelling and military operations threaten everyone, especially innocents, and until now have led to six deaths and 15 people injured.

The government requests that the attackers immediately stop hostilities, without restriction or conditions,  and that both sides immediately cease any hostile acts. The leaders of these groups hold the legal and moral responsibility for the bloodshed, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, by using weans which should defend Libya, Libyans and guests of Libya, not kill them.

The government is discussing with the international community to ensure the protection of lives and vital facilities of Libya from destruction and ruin. The government has held a number of urgent consultations today.

The government issued its orders to the Interior Ministry forces and the Libyan army to protect the streets of Tripoli, its neighbourhoods, and vital targets and facilities. The government announced a state of emergency in all hospitals and medical facilities.

The government appeals to all Libyans to remain calm and preserve resources. The government clearly express the need for public facilities, including Tripoli International Airport, to be spared from conflict, and this should be left this to professionals.

A peaceful expression of Libyan’s clear position will held the government and the international community to take necessary decisions and steps to protect vital facilities and the lives of civilians.

In any case, the government announces that it is calling for an immediate dialogue with the help of the country’s civil society organisations, elders and notables to communicate and mediate to stop the bloodshed and solve any differences. The government strongly calls to stay away from resorting to arms between the people of one nation, which will not yield victory for anyone.

God save Libya

Translated by Kevin Moore.

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