‘The Shabaab mention the killing of Foreign Diplomats in an attack on Presidential Palace’, al-Somal al-Youm (Somalia), 24th February 2014

In the latest chapter of the al-Shabaab offensive which has been ongoing since the New Year, the militant Islamist group launches a large scale attack on the Presidential Palace in Mogadishu. Diplomats from other Uganda and Djibouti are reported to have died in the attack.

الشباب تذكر مقتل دبلوماسيين أجانب في هجوم القصر الرئاسي

February 24, 2014

مقديشو ( الصومال اليوم ) : ذكر وكيل حركة الشباب في محافظة بنادر علي محمد حسين أثناء حديثه عن هجوم الجمعة على القصر الرئاسي أنهم قتلوا  51 شخصا بينما جرح  58 آحرون .

ذكر الشيخ ان العملية حدثت بنجاح ووفق المرسوم في الخطة مضيفا إلى أنهم قتلوا دبلوماسيين أوغنديين وجيبوتيين  كانوا من يعملون من سفارات بلادهم .

” مات في هجوم القصر الرئاسي دبلوماسيون من أوغندا وجيبوتي لكن كما أعلنوا عبر الإذاعات مات منهم نور شربو وإندا عسى , ومسؤول حرس القصر الرئاسي وكان يلطق عليه عبدالله جون ” هكذا قال الشيخ !

ومرة تطرق إلى تهديدات الحكومة عن تصفية الشباب من المناطق التي تسيطرها قال : ” عندما يقول سنهاجم منطقة فلان  من لا يستطيع ضبط أمن بيته كيف يشن هجوما على منطقة أخرى ؟ ! “

هجوم القصر الرئاسي أصبح حديث مسؤولي الحكومة الفيدرالية وأيضا قيادة حركة الشباب والإعلام الصومالي وترك وراءه أثرا وضجة إعلامية  ربما لغرابته وخطورة تكتيكاته.



The Shabaab mention the killing of Foreign Diplomats in an attack on Presidential Palace

24th February 2014

Mogadishu (Somalia Today) An agent from the Youth Movement (al-Shabaab) in Benadir Province, ‘Ali Muhammad Hossein, mentioned that 51 people were killed and another 58 injured during Friday’s attack on the Presidential Palace.

The Sheikh mentioned that the operations occured successfully and in accordance with the plan. He added that they killed Ugandan and Djiboutian diplomats who were working at their embassies.

The Sheikh concluded: “In the attack on the presidential palace diplomats from Uganda and Djibouti died. Over the radio others who died were announced, including Noor Cherbo, Indha Case, and a palace guard official Yiltag Abdullah Jon,”

Touching on threats from the government to liquidate the Shabaab from areas they control he said; “when they say “we will attack” – how will they launch an attack on another area, this person who cannot maintain security of his own home?!”

The Presidential Palace Attack became the talk of Federal Government officials as well al-Shabaab leadership and the Somali Media and has left behind it a blaze of publicity and the effects of strange and perhaps dangerous tactics.

Translated by Robert Forster.

Article available at al-Somal al-Youm.

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