‘Three injured Syrians transported to Israel,’ al-Quds (Palestine), 8 February 2014

Three injured Syrians arrived at the border with Israel today, two in critical condition, and were transferred to Israeli hospitals.

نقل 3 جرحى سوريين لإسرائيل

٨ فبراير ٢٠١٤

نقل الجيش الإسرائيلي، صباح اليوم السبت، ثلاثة جرحى سوريين إلى مستشفيات شمال إسرائيل عقب وصولهم إلى الحدود

ووفقا لوسائل إعلام عبرية، فإن اثنين من الجرحى بحال الخطر الشديد وقد تم نقلهم جميعا إلى مستشفى زيف



Three injured Syrians transported to Israel

8 February 2014

The Israel army transferred three injured Syrians to hospitals in northern Israel this morning, following their arrival to the border.

According to Hebrew media, two of the injured were in critical condition and transferred together to Ziv Medical Center.

Translated by Kevin Moore.

Article available at al-Quds.


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