‘Interior Minister: Armed Clashes between Brotherhood and residents of Ain Shams’, al-Masri al-Youm (Egypt), 31st January 2014

A proliferation of small arms can be seen in recent clashes between Muslim Brotherhood members and local residents across Egypt. This incident in Ain Shams, Cairo, involved automatic weapons and bird-shot. The article does not note that some of the Brotherhood are likely to have been residents of the area.

«الداخلية»: اشتباكات مسلحة بين «الإخوان» وأهالي عين شمس

٣١. يناير ٢٠١٤

كتب: يسري البدري

قالت وزارة الداخلية إن ميدان «النعام» في عين شمس، شهد الجمعة، اشتباكات بالأسلحة الآلية و«الخرطوش» بين أهالي المنطقة وأنصار جماعة الإخوان المسلمين.

وأضافت «الداخلية» في بيان لها، مساء الجمعة، أنه تم الدفاع بتشكيلات الأمن المركزي، للفصل بين الطرفين والسيطرة على الموقف.

كان أعضاء جماعة الإخوان المسلمين شرعوا في إنشاء «منصة» بميدان «النعام»، استعدادًا للاعتصام بالمنطقة، ما أستفز الأهالي وقاموا بالتصدي لهم.



Interior Minister: Armed Clashes between Brotherhood and residents of Ain Shams

31st January 2014

Writer: Yasri al-Badari

The Interior Minister said that al-Na’am Square in Ain Shams, witnessed by the university, clashes with automatic weapons and bird-shot between residents of the area and followers of the Muslim Brotherhood organization.

The interior minister added in a statement on Thursday night, that centralized defensive security formations were sent between the two sides taking control of the situation.

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood proceeded to set up a platform in the square in preparation for an organized sit-in, which provoked the residents to confront them.

Translated by Robert Forster.

Article available at al-Masri al-Youm.


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