‘Femininity – Mayam Mahmoud,’ Arabs’ Got Talent, 27 October 2013

English translation of Egyptian rapper Mayam Mahmoud’s performance on Arab’s Got Talent last year.




Women in our society are divided
There is the hijab and the niqab, and everything in between
There are many issues surrounding us, dependent on girls
About their clothes and their appearance, which wasn’t originally a condition
How can you govern me about my hair or my scarf?
You look at me, I’m not going to be ashamed
You flirt and you harass, yet think that you’re not wrong
But these are just words, its not flirting, and they aren’t stones
We haven’t dressed incorrectly but the idea is troubling?
Yes, the bites have gotten worse but the weakness is in the brain
I see you causing injuries, that is not your right
You need to be ashamed of yourself and get struck in the face
Understand that women in Egypt are divided into two camps
For men, not women, and both are wrong
Who said that women have to wear dresses?
Being a women is about thinking, the mind, education and religion
I’ve become a girl who doesn’t have self confidence
I’ve started to wear full make-up and wear colours on top of each other
The problem isn’t with girls, the topic is something else
In society, we are influenced every second
If we ask whether girls have taste in clothing
Obviously they do, but life isn’t about appearances
Life’s gotten materialistic and everyone wants something
The price of life is high and sweeter than before

Translated by Kevin Moore.

Note: This is a bridge translation.



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