‘Soldier martyred infront of the Police Club in Arish’, al-Wafd (Egypt), 15th August 2013

 استشهاد جندى أمام نادى الشرطة بالعريش

The Al-Arish Police Club

The Al-Arish Police Club

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استشهد جندى بطلق نارى أثناء وجوده فى محل خدمته أمام نادي الشرطة بالعريش . وتم نقل جثته إلى المستشفى .

وأعلن مصدر أمنى أن سيارة بدون لوحات استهدفت الجندى بإطلاق النار عليه ، حيث تم إصابته بطلق نارى فى الصدر والذراع الأيمن ، مما أدى إلى استشهاده على الفور ، وتم نقله جثة هامدة إلى المستشفى .



Soldier martyred in front of the Police Club in Arish

Published: 21 Minutes and 36 seconds ago. (Real time: 15th August 2013, 18:09pm +3GMT)

The killed soldier was shot while in his shop in front the of Arish police club. His corpse was taken to hospital.

Security sources announced that a car without a license plate targeted the soldier and opened fire upon him. He was shot in the chest and right arm which killed him immediately. His lifeless body was transferred to hospital.

Translated by Robert Forster